January 20, 2012

Snow Gear

Got this idea from one of my twitter followers @mudblood23, she told me to do a post on snow gear (thank you!). I thought it was a great idea so here is what I think would make anyone's closet wish for snow.

Chunky Scarf
Chunky Sweater
Ridiculous Faux Fur Hat
        Fantastic pants and boots (as well as sweater, hat...the whole thing)

Two things not found in your wardrobe, but I find to be completely 100% necessary:
                                                      Hot Chocolate...It's a must


(don't really need to explain that one)

(images via: Pinterest)


Anonymous said...

Chunky scarfs, sweaters, and boots, oh and with Ryan Gosling is a wonderful winter and snow day. I'm lactose intolerant so I'll trade the hot chocolate for tea :)

Katie said...

I am lactose intolerant too. So I happily drink Vanilla Roobios tea from Starbucks. I just like the idea of hot choco on a snow day. haha