January 14, 2012

Unproductive Saturday

That's exactly what my day was. Did I go to the gym. No. Did I get out of bed at 7 am. No. Did I get dressed after breakfast. No. Did I stay home all day and spend most of my time talking to my cats. Yes...(that answer sounds scarier now that I say it)

Sometimes you need those days. Ya know. Those days when all you do is lounge around and eat food and listen to music or watch Friday Night Lights reruns for most of the day. You see friends, today was Saturday. However, it wasn't a typical Saturday, today it snowed! And it's still snowing. There is about 2-3 inches and it is supposed to keep snowing til Tuesday. Mega awesome points! So being productive as I wasn't, I did edit photos whilst watching shows and listening to music. I shoveled the driveway too because my sister had to drive to work...except I don't know what the point of that was because as soon as I was finished the driveway was covered again....sweet. I was left without a driveable car today and everyone was gone (and still is) so I had to fend for myself. To sum it up. Today was perfect.

I love the snow. It is beautiful and I find it amusing that I am almost 21 and I still get excited when it snows...aren't I supposed to despise it?? 

So in honor of this snowland fantastica I leave you this wonderful warm cozy looking sweater. And my pizza creation. And the winter wonderland that is continuing to grow outside. Ok. I'm done. Have a great and safe Saturday!

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