February 9, 2012


This is not your "typical" 21st birthday story. No I did not get drunk. No I did not get crazy. And no. I am not hungover. I am feeling great and very sober. SO this is what happened on the best day of the whole year(in a summery) 

The birthday palooza was perfect. It was better than I could have ever imagined. I woke up early with loads of notifications from friends all over the world wishing me happy birthday, which made me feel like a million bucks. My mom made me special pancakes (and I mean special by the fact that she made them into letters, shapes, and animals!) I felt like I was 5. It.was.awesome. Then I drove my sister to school, dodged home and quickly did my hair (which surprisingly did not look like poo) then met up with my dad at the DMV to get my license turned to a horizontal. Yes. My dad came with me. Yes. I am 21. 
My dad afterward, took me out to lunch for thai food. And I saw a sign that said no minors, and I pointed out to my dad, that sign no longer applies to me. Amazing.
After lunch with my dad, I drove home, watched some tv. And then chatted with more friends, got some phone calls, and then my fam bam came home. 
My sister Annie and I danced and sang to Grease in the living room. And that is why we are single. 
My mom, sister and me sang in the kitchen whilst cooking my FIESTA dinner and laughed oodles, kit and caboodles. My grandma came over and we ate a fantastic dinner!! yummy. 
After dinner I opened presents, complete with a bday card that Ed Sheeran signed AND wished me happy Birthday. After presents, we had the famous strawberry pie. Delish. Then it was off to church for my confirmation girlies. They ate cupcakes and sang happy birthday to me. They were also shocked I spent my 21st with them, instead of going to a bar like a normal 21 year old. Which I reminded them the night is not over.....
My family took me to a restaurant where I ordered a margarita, which was divine. Then we came home and opened a bottle of Asti. 

To sum it up, my birthday was amazing and turns out alcohol ain't half bad. 
(Thanks to everyone also for viewing my bloggy woggy, as of yesterday we passed into the 1000 views!! YAYAYAYAY!!!)

Have a wonderful Thursday! And stay tuned for my Friday Confessions...it's gonna be good.

Perfect day filled with friends and family!

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Pam said...

Awesome! You are fabulous.