February 10, 2012

Friday Confessions

-Turning 21. Ya. You know. That's pretty much the bees knees.
-Watching a ustream, which then turned into a conversation, which then turned into a skype session. Pretty much took over the ustream. Hilarious. But so amazing!
-Actually liking alcohol. I thought I would hate it.
-Getting my horizontal license.
-Getting a bday card from Ed Sheeran. (Written and signed by him. Thanks seester!!)
- Strawberry pie
-Having Lewis Mokler, Azubuike and David Mullenger think that I am awesome
.......(don't know why though...I talk to cats).
-Having a freebie day on everything that I did, ate and said. Birthdays are great.
-My mom making me pancakes in shapes! 
-My dad taking me out for lunch! Mmmm thai food.
-Realizing that "no minors allowed" sign does not apply to me anymore.
-Singing in the kitchen with my mom and sister whilst cooking dinner. "It's raining, on prom night...." Thank you Grease.
-Reaching 1000 on my blog views! YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
-Birthday presents. (Duhhh)
-Having the most perfect birthday I could have ever hoped for. Honest to goodness it was fabulous!

-Blushing hard core in math class when the cute guy sitting next to you helps you with a problem. Yep, pretty sure the person in the wayyyyy back corner could see my tomato face.
-Running into the wall while I was dancing. Sadly this is pretty much a guaranteed weekly occurrence for me. The floor and the walls like to hit me.  
-Having the webcam freeze while skyping. Really face. Really?! You shouldn't be allowed to look like that...ever!
-Having my dad come with me to the DMV. Yes. I am 21. My dad only walks me to school on Tuesdays. 
-When a rather large group of people sing happy birthday to you and you have no idea whether to smile or sing along, or look around. Why not just look like a creeper and clap at the end of the song...yay you, you were born!
-Looking like a complete blonde at the gas station because you have never used the pumps from 1947. I have to lift the lever, put the hose in, THEN lower the lever when finished...where is the press here for gas button??
-Going to the tutoring center and sitting there for almost a half an hour expecting some one to come to me. 30 minutes later you realize you have to raise your hand for help...umm ahhh! That is like asking me to jump off a building. 1. Not happening. 2. See #1.
-Trying to find your dad in a grocery store because he disapperated....ok not really. But it really confused me and my sister for a bit.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone! 
Enjoy the sunshine/rain/snow/clouds!

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