February 28, 2012


Hello friends. As you have been reading my blog you have probably been thinking, "This girl is so cool I wish I could be like her." Well lucky you! You can! With some of these few words/phrases you will start to sound like me, but you must use them correctly for this to happen. Here ya go!..................

Holy banana peel- an expression when excited, in shock or irritated.
Hobble squash- mixed or confused 
(Insert word here) pants mcgee- used when you want to be fancy with your word choice..i.e "Crazy pants mcgee", "Awesome pants mcgee!" or "Lame pants mcgee." 
Totes- short for totally
Obvi(sounds like ob-vee)- short for obviously
Jealo (sounds like jell-o)- short for jealous
Hizzearrr(his-zeer)- here
Disgugliest(dis-gug-lee-ist)- disgusting and ugly mixed into one (it was an accident that I came up with it, I was in high school)
Totes megotes(totes me-goats)- meaning totally awesome
Holy can-ole guacamole- crazy, in awe
Gooseberry- when your phone changes hizzearr to this. 

Yes. I know, you wish you were as clever as me...but hey at least now you can sound like me. Probably totes made your day. 
So! Have fun using my Katie-isms. It's quite a blast!

 P.S. I will be posting an actual post later in the day Wednesday. 
This was just for kicks and giggles. :D

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