February 27, 2012

Le Weekend

Here's my weekend (at least what I thought of capturing) through instagram.

My weekend consisted of a Friday night out with just me and my dad. Complete with Best Buy, Burgermaster (I hadn't had fast food in almost 2 years), buying some fun drinks at Trader Joe's, watching The Great Escape & Ocean's 11..My dad stayed up til 12:45 A.M!! Whattt!!! Then I went to the night life of our town to pick my sister up from a bar. Yep. It was awesome. 
Saturday we cleaned the house and then my dad, 2 sisters and I went and picked up mom from the airport! Never been so excited to see my mom!! As we were driving home, we decided spur of the moment to go to Red Robin. YUMMMM! We gave the waiter a hard time (good thing he didn't take himself seriously), rehashed stories from the last week and a half, and laughed so much! (Everyone was in a good mood that day, which made it so enjoyable) Then we trekked home and my sister and I unwinded with some Misfits. I dressed like a hobo because I had no other clothes to wear since it was laundry time. Laughed sooo much with my family. Topped the evening off with dancing to Whitney Houston in the kitchen, sipping wine and eating pasta with our parents. We rented 2 movies Planet of the Apes and 50/50. And my sister and I had a good laugh over our cat sinking to the ground (photos above)
Sunday. Sunday. Sunday. AKA Oscar day. Church, lunch, and a hilarious but also very good work out at the gym with my sister and then a couple hours of math for me. Went to an Oscar party complete with food, ballots and champagne. Ending the night with the series finale of Misfits. 

I hope you all had a fantastic weekend. Here's to another week!!

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