February 24, 2012

Friday Confessions

Hello lovies! Guess what...............IT'S FRIDAY!! Yay! Congratulations you made it through another work week! (I am clapping and hooting for you) I hope you all had a good week and that it wasn't too boring. Surprisingly I didn't spend my whole weekend with my cats. Shocking right? Anyways. 
I hope you all have a fantastic and memorable weekend! 
-Sleeping in.
-Seeing a bald eagle swoop down RIGHT in front of your car on the highway to pick up road kill. AMAZING.
-My grandma's breast cancer surgery going well! (Praying for a good recovery)
-Being about 90% positive that me and my sister will be traveling abroad come this fall. :D (And having quite possibly the most "wicked" British friends.) Can't wait!!
-Twitcam's that crack me up especially when I am in need of a few laughs
(Thanks David and Michael.)
-Math retakes on a ridiculously hard test!
-Talking to people in math. I usually don't talk in class. So this is definitely good. 
-FaceTime ACTUALLY working on my phone. We could facetime my mom who has been with her mom for the past week and a half. We miss her.
-Being the 1st American to download Lee Vann's EP. And getting a shout out from him on twitter. Check him out people! (I do my best to bring England to the States)
-Spending time with my dad and sisters this last week and pretty much laughing all the time everyday. Love it! (This is typically normal anyways, but this last week was especially funny)
-Ed Sheeran winning 2 of the 4 Brit Awards he was nominated for! (SOO proud!)
-Spending time with my cousin. Out in the city. Talking, eating and chatting till we can't talk any more. Lovely!
-Getting a celebrity to follow Lee Vann via twitter. Oh yea. That happened. I am awesome.
-Noting how many concerts I am seeing/traveling to see this year. And the list keeps growing.
-When you drink a really strong margarita at a restaurant and you start to feel really floaty and you feel like you're falling over. That's when you know you should now drink water. Just water.
-Staying up til 2 in the morning because you are watching Misfits. (I guess that's not really weird, it's just more of a "and why am I still up?" moment.)
-Owning a pair of jeans that you continually forget about the zipper...uh yea. How to fix this so I don't look odd in public...??
- Taking a photo of your abs on your phone (because you can now start to see them!), going to your aunts house where she asks to use your phone to show you this new gadget that plugs into your iPhone. It displays images/movies on the tv screen.  And there is my stomach. And me in my workout gear. Of course it's the only time I have taken photos like that and someone just happens to look through my photos. In front of my family. Really really tomato red was my face. Delete.
-Driving to the gym, being 1/4 of the way there and then realizing the Brit Awards were just starting on the tv....Yea.The gym did not happen that day. 
-Going to church and forgetting to pick up grandma...(that's what my family gave up for lent apparently. Oops! Sorry grandma!)
-Getting overly excited when the waitress at the restaurant asked to see my i.d.. It was in my hand. I didn't even coolly dig through my purse for my wallet. I need to work on that.
-Watching myself and my sister's music videos. and noting that, I.cannot.dance. Not a smidgeon. I look like a stiff pigeon when I move.
-Jumping around, clapping really loud, squealing like a baby and continually saying "Oh my gosh!" "Aww, so proud! Aww I love them!" or the undeniable "Yeeee!! Ahhh!" whilst watching the Brit Awards...by myself. Alone. At home. And probably scaring my cats and/or my neighbors...I get excited people. 
-Being a bit overly excited about going out on a Saturday night...I started getting ready at noon. I was going out at 5:00 p.m. people.
-When someone said "Love you" to me and I replied with "thanks" and then realized I just said "thanks". 
-Coming home at 10 p.m. after a "night" out and watching a movie with the family...and your cats. It was gonna happen. I am a cat lady. It's inevitable.
-Thinking you saw a moose while driving so you go "Oh! Wow look!!", passing it and turns out it was a cow......
-When you are trying to sound cool viz text so instead of saying "here" you type "hizzearr" & autocorrect changes it to "gooseberry". Awesome.

Ok yea. I realize this week's "Friday Confessions" was extremely long. But hey! Ya made it through. And you did your reading for the day! So go you!
Have a FABULOUSOOOOOO weekend everyone!

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