February 1, 2012

Night Owl

Hey everyone. It's me. Posting...at almost midnight...again. I am kind of making this a regular thing. Not that I am proud of that. Anywheeeeey. 

Today was the first of February aka the best month of the whole year! Why's that you ask???? Well it just so happens my birthday is this month, a week from today to be exact! Yippee (lots of clapping and "who-haw's" insert here)!! And I am beside myself with excitement. For some reason I have always loved my birthday, I don't know why, and I do believe I will feel this way for a long time...yes, yes I do. My point being YAAAAAYYYY February!

This morning I awoke and decided it was time I head back to the gym, hadn't been in three days and I felt it was necessary to go back. So I quickly changed and gathered up my iPod and water bottle, ran out the door and sped to the gym before my brain could catch up to what I was about to do. So I went...by myself... I ran, squatted, wall sat it out and 40 minutes later I was back in the car on my way home. 

Annnnnndd this is the moment of the day:
I began watching last night's episode of "Jane by Design", which if you are a girl. If you like fashion. If you live, breathe and dream of fashion. Then this show is for you. Back to my point. In the episode the main character Jane has to deliver the look book to her boss, the best part being, her boss is in Paris. Oh my goodness lovelies, it was about 10 minutes of the episode in Paris, but I think about 5 minutes of that I was shouting "Oh my gosh! I die!" "Ohhhhh man!" "Uhh I die, so maj!" "I want her job, ughhh!"....yes. 
This is where you are about to realize how pathetic I am friends. 
The last 3 minutes of the show she is walking around Paris, and lands upon the wonderful place of le Tour Eiffel, which she ends up tearing up and smiling of happiness.....so did I. All of a sudden tears are rolling and I mean ROLLING down my cheeks, as I sit in my room, on my bed, surrounded by everything Eiffel Tower related..yes. I cried at a video of the Eiffel Tower. 

The rest of my day consisted of driving down to Seattle to pick up and bring my sister to the airport (she forgot somethings at home) which was fun. I got a lot of singing practice done in the car...it was quite I concert I held for myself. And then I got home, had dinner with my family (minus my sister) and then went to church to mentor my little middle school girls.

And now I am sitting here. Writing this. Curled under my blankets with a song by Example stuck in my head, the song is called "Kickstarts" its a happy song, but unfortunately it's too happy for sleeping...oh bother. 

Hope you all had a great Wednesday! And have a fantastic Thursday!
(Took these photos whilst having a concert in my car, being stuck in Seattle traffic, driving home from the airport)
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