February 3, 2012

Friday Confessions

Hope everyone had a wonderful week! 
I can now count down to my birthday on one hand! 
Woop Woop!
1. Pointing out horses in the pasture to my dad, because I thought they were dancing. They were definitely not dancing. And that is how you know spring is around the corner.
2. Trying to find clothing for my sister's trip to L.A., thinking I knew what I was doing...emphasis on the thinking.
3. Doing squats at the gym. Ya, lady since you're stretching behind me I'll just do something else. No need for my back side in your face.
4. When you are working out at the gym and there is an entire room of open spaces but the person comes and works out less than 5 ft away from you. How can I smoothly move away....
5. That moment when you get overly excited over a singer's live stream and thus over tweet....I am now in twitter jail. not to come out for a few hours.
6. At church, with my middle school group that I mentor, being asked who Apostles were...and replying with a wrong answer. And this is why I typically don't talk. 
7. Crying after seeing the Eiffel Tower via a tv show. Good thing no one was home.
8. That moment when I just wrote 1. then 3. ...I forgot 2. maybe I should have math more than twice week...whoops. (I changed it before posting this. thus you won't see my blonde moment) (See #2 below)

1. Having school twice a week for 2 hours in the evening.
2. Remembering 2 comes after 1 and before 3.
3. Not having a test this week.
4. Wearing a dress on a Friday with 55 degree sunshine weather!
5. Buying two new rings. One is a bow and one looks like a gold doily. 
6. Spending the weekend with my cousin. Eating, laughing and talking. LOTS of talking.
7. Mom buying me a bag of sour patch kids when I jokingly said I wanted sour candy when she asked if I needed anything from the store.
8. Spending a good 2 hours talking to my mom about whatever over lunch.
9. Countdown to my birthday can be done on 1 hand now. 1 HAND!
10. Getting 900 views on this. aka MY BLOG! (Thanks everyone! and thanks bailey for being the 900 viewer! you rock!)
11. Sister bringing me tea when I picked her up from work to take her to the airport. I love that she works at Starbucks!
12. My dad whistling "Lego House"
And the last one ladies and gentlemen isn't really my awesome moment since it didn't happen to me. BUT it did happen to my sister.
13. My sister flying down to L.A. to see Mr. Ed Sheeran at the Hotel Cafe. Her running late only to see him and Stuart outside, thus getting to meet him & give him the bday cards we both made him. 
14. Her singing on stage with ED SHEERAN! Holy banana peel. there are no words!
15. Her meeting Ed and Stuart. Ya. I learned this all in my math class...I was bursting with glee...I wanted to jump up and down, but that would have then belonged to my Wack-A-Doo category, instead of my wonderful.

That is it for this week everyone! Hope you have a great weekend. And I get to pick up my sister tonight from the airport and hear her awesome stories from L.A. BYEEE!

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