February 20, 2012

Get to Know Me

I have had this blog for a while but haven't really let you know much about myself. So here goes: 
1. Youngest of 3 girls
2. I lived in the same house for 20 years...and never changed rooms.
3. As of October 2010 my body decided it didn't want me to have dairy.
4. 3 is my favorite number..hey lucky me! I was the 3rd kid 
5. In 2009 I fell in love. With Paris. (If Paris was a man, I would marry him.)
6. I hate attention.
7. Photography is my hobby.
8. I worry a lot and I expect the worse possible outcome. 
9. My favorite colors as of right now are grey black and gold.
10. I like cooking. And I am pretty good at it if I do say so myself.
11. I love gigs/concerts. I travel to see my favorite bands and singers. 
12. I talked to Michael BublĂ© whilst driving on the highway at 2 in the morning. 
13. Mumford & Sons is my favorite band. 
14. 98% of my iPod is filled with British music.
15. I've always loved fashion.
16. Black & white movies are my preference.
17. I pretended to play the alto sax in my middle school band. (I did not like the feeling of the reed in my mouth.bleccckkkkkk.)
18. I have never broken a bone. Or had surgery.
19. Disneyland is my other favorite place. 
20. I want to move to England with my sister in the next couple of years.
21. I eat frozen blueberries like popcorn.
22. I prefer sour candy to any other sweets. 
23. A little OCD about cleaning.
24. I change my room about every 10 months. I like change. 
25. I like to drive. Anywhere. Anytime. For any reason or no reason at all.
26. I am going to live in Southern Cali in the next 5-10 years.
26. I moved to So. Cal in January of 2013, love it here.
27. I love scruffy men. Yes. mhm.
28. Music. Photography. Fashion. The Brain. That's what I love.
29. Harry Potter would have to be my favorite movie series.
30. Science was/is my favorite subject in school.
31. Hate scary movies. 
32. Clean out my room every 6 months. Just because.
33. I want to pierce my nose. I want a tattoo.
34. Making music videos with my sister is one of my favorite things to do.
35. Long nails gross me out.
36. I am super quiet when I meet people for the 1st time. After that I don't shut up.
37. Love the rain and stormy weather.
38. I can snowboard.
39. Ed Sheeran wrote me a birthday card.
40. People who make me laugh are my favorite.
41. I want to learn how to surf.
42. Heights, spiders and ventriloquist dummy's frighten me.
43. Plastic table cloths, silverware scratching on plates, cracking of joints. All make me shudder.
44. Will & Grace is my favorite sitcom TV show.
45. The smell of bookstores actually makes me nauseous.
46. I want to be a stylist. 
47. Hate stuffed pasta. (Ravioli, tortellini, etc.)
48. Love traveling.
49. Been stung by bees 7 times in my life. And I'm allergic to them.
50. My first semester away at college was one of the worst times for me.
51. I collect vintage cameras.
52. French. France. Love it.
53. I adore people who can make me laugh. Duplicate of #40
54. I wanted to be Cinderella at Disneyland. But then I found out I was 1 inch to tall to be a Disney princess. Say what???....Dream down the drain.
55. I use sarcasm. A LOT.
56. My friends told me that they thought i hated them before we were friends, but I was actually just super shy. (I guess that comes off as mean...?? I am not though! Super nice person here!)
57. I am kind of obsessed with Coco Chanel.
58. My grandpa's passing in 2010 was the hardest thing I have ever gone through.
59. My family is hilarious. And are zee best.
60. England. I love it there. 
61. My sister and I went on the best trip ever in October 2012 to Paris and England.
62. In 2012 I saw over 50 musical performers, and over 20 concerts.
63. I studied abroad in London in January 2014 for 5 months. Changed me into a better me. I miss London everyday.
64. I want to have a career researching the brain. Will be graduating May 2015 with my BA in Psychology.
65. Cat obsessed.
66. Have a horrible digestive system so eating out doesn't happen anymore.

Hope you feel like you know me a little more. :D