March 9, 2012

Friday Confessions

And breathe...ahh the lovely weekend is here again. Yeehaww! I hope you all have something fun up your sleeve :) I am going to go to a special Hunger Games meet thingy where the actors will be answering questions and such (hello Liam hottie pants mcgee...) All I have to say is that I better have a good hair day on Saturday if Mr. Hemsworth will be there...priorities ya know. Have a fantastic weekend!! 

-When you drop your cup during communion and it rolls under the communion rails. And then you crawl under the rails to grab it. No way that went unnoticed. Good thing it looks like I am praying because my face is redder than red.
-Dancing (but your practically just standing bobbing your knees) and you fall down. Uh...I don't...I just..uhhm...really? I need help.
-When you are chatting with David Mullenger, talking about how you "at least aren't boring" but your phone decides it'd be cool to change boring to "boing". Congratulations, you have just described yourself as a sound effect. Thank you. I will just crawl boing away now.
-Collecting Bible's from the little middle schoolers after class on Wednesday, going to grab the pastor's, he quickly stops what he talking about to say "No, that's my Bible."....ha I knew that. Bye.
-When people ask you what your plans are after college and you want to say "I plan on sleeping.", instead you tell them other stuff...
-Going to the movies with your family and then realizing you and your sister are dressed identically. Two things..1. I did not know we were 3 & 6 again. 2. We need to start doing outfit checks BEFORE heading out in public.
-Doing another music video with your sister. Watching it when it's over and realizing you will be single for life.
-Waking up and crawling (& I mean 100% full on crawling) out of my bed, opening my door and going "what am I doing?!" "What time is it?!" which I crawl (I don't know why I didn't just stand up and walk like a normal person) back to bed and check my phone for the time. Oh ok, it's 2 a.m.-2 a.m.!!?! What! Goodnight weirdo.
-Spending last Friday night alone. in my sweats. in my sister's bed. watching 101 Dalmatians and thoroughly enjoying every minute of that movie. Mean while, my parents went out with friends to the city. 
-Sitting in a hallway, alone I may add, while your sisters are at a show. Why am I in the hallway you ask? Well you see, there were no seats available inside. Thus here I sit....oh hi late night school cop. "All by la la laa"
 -This is my sisters awkward moment unfortunately created by me (written by annie, the victim)... So, Katie and I decided to work out wednesday afternoon. I was working from 8-2, and because I didn't want to lug a gym bag with me to work, Katie asked what I needed and said she would just bring me stuff. She picked me up from the transit center, She hands me a bag when I get in the car, but none of the stuff I had asked her to grab was in there--oh wait-- no... a sports Bra and shoes. And my headband. she had a shirt and pants, but not the ones I asked for. We get to the gym, and I put on what she has brought me. 1) the pants she brought were ones i NEED to wear shorts with. as in, if I don't wear shorts, the whole world will get a lovely view of either my backside OR my underwear. 2) I see my grey shirt is inside out.... the only clean grey shirt that has been in my gym drawer has "FIGHT AIDS" written in big bold letters on it. "Katie.... is this my aids shirt....?" I put it on, and sure enough, "FIGHT AIDS". Katie just starts laughing at me.... So I ended up borrowing Katie's (Bright purple) Camisole to wear underneath my (Grey) t-shirt and tuck into my (Hot pink) sweatpants. Topped off with a turquoise headband. Yeah.... I was stylin.... (And Katie had been worried about colors clashing..... that worked out well....) 

-Going to see the Lorax and enjoying it. Surrounded by babies and everything. 
-Getting out of math class an HOUR early.
-Planning the land of Eng trip! YEEEEEEEEEE
-Uhm eating too many cookies. 
-Snow. I mean it's beautiful.
-Laughing so hard it hurt, This was because my sister was trying to cook dinner and my parents basically just made her open cans and cut stuff and they cooked it. My mom ended up cooking most of it and Annie, well, it took her about 2 hours to make chicken. Ya...future husband, I hope you like cereal and canned soup.
-Car dance parties. Do the scraper. Oh ya, that is a new move made up by yours truly. Head bob included.
-Having the Kony video get spread worldwide. It went from 6000 views to 7 million overnight. Thank you social media.
-Sleeping in. Really it is glorious.
-Good hair days. Unfortunately I was going to the gym. Good by luscious locks hello raggedy ponytail.
-Your parents FINALLY buying season 1 of Downton Abbey. Happy child. Happy life.

Have a great great great great great weekend everyone!

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