March 13, 2012

Currently Playing On My iPod

Sorry for being M.I.A for a bit. I have been busying myself with school work. Which is so not me so it's been a little odd. Today I feel like giving a bunch of musicians shout out's because I have lately been (ok, not lately. This has been going on for a few months) obsessing over good, makes you want dessert, music. So here it is. Just going to leave you with a list and I suggest you take a look. You may agree or disagree with me on the dessert remark but just F.Y.I, about 95% of this list is British artists because, well, they are just better. 
  •  Mumford & Sons-Um le duh. They are fantastic via the iPod and even better via concert. Love them. Obsessed. I suggest (if you haven't looked them up) Timshel, Awake My Soul, Dust Bowl Dance, Winter Winds, The Cave, Sigh No More...I can keep going...Lover of the Light, Sister...just look.them.up. 
  • Ed Sheeran- Again. Le duh. Boy has talent. His singing makes my soul ache. Favorite songs- uh all of them. But I would highly suggest (uh) everything on his albums +, Loose Change, Songs I Wrote with Amy, also his cover of Wonderwall and Cannonball. Holy Hannah, bring on the 2nd round of dessert. 
  • Example- Fantastic. His music is what you want to listen to when you are getting ready to go out, go work out, or just dance around. P.S. I want to go to one of his concerts so bad. He is fabulous.  
  • Labrinth- Another one who I quite enjoy. I love his song Earthquake. I press replay about 5 times in a row when I listen to this song. Also Let the Sunshine. It's good.   
  • Emeli Sande- Her song Heaven. Love it. I have a feeling she will be like the next Alicia Keys in the US. 
  • Ben Howard- Good. Good. Good. I am going to see him in May! Favorite song- Only Love. 
  • The Head & The Heart (from Seattle yaya!)-Love them! Favorite songs Rivers and Roads, Lost in My Mind, Winter Song. 
  • Lewis Watson- His voice is like butter. My favorite songs are #3 and Bones. He is pretty fantastic. 
  • Leddra Chapman- I want her voice. Favorite songs of hers are Shiver, Someone Better Than You (Ft. Ed Sheeran), Summer Song and many more. 
  • Lewis Mokler- I quite enjoy him. He is just awesome. Some of my favorite songs of his are Buses, Who Are You to Me, Nutella, Invincible and You Are Beautiful to Me 
  • Nina Nesbitt- Her songs Glue, Skeletons, Noserings & Shoestrings. Also her cover of 96 Fukeries and Babylon. Good. 
  • Lee Vann- Just have to put this out there..I was his first US fan! Ha! Win!! I like his songs Broken Wave, Sell It Off and I Sing, You Sing. Also, he has mad guitar playing skills.   
  • Adam Moss- He is pretty good. Check out his album on iTunes "Hold On".
  • Ryan Keen- Love his voice and music. You can buy his EP on iTunes in the states :)
Ok. So everyone was from the UK except for The Head and The Heart (Seattle). Check them out readers! They are talented artists who are worth a listen. You can find most of them on iTunes. Unfortunately if you live in the US you cannot purchase a lot of these artists music because...I have no idea why.
I also like these artists too. 
Wretch 32, Devlin, Lester Clayton, Kal Lavelle, Jonny Taylor, Azubuike, Rizzle Kicks.
Sorry for that looooooooooooooooong list. 
This gal loves music. It was bound to be long.
Have wonderful Tuesday! :)

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