March 16, 2012

Friday Confessions

-Going to class for 20 minutes, feeling like I could lose my cookies at any moment, sitting there drawing flowers on my paper/ trying to figure out how to leave class, waiting for an opportune moment and then hurriedly scurrying out of there when my professor wasn't looking. I was stealthy, James Bond style. (Ok, probably not...)
-Avoiding eye contact with someone when you said you couldn't make it to something and then seeing them right at the time you said you were busy. If I don't see you, you don't see me. Kapeesh?
-Having a mumbling problem. all. the. time. For example, this happened to me on Tuesday...     lady:"What's your name?" me: "mumble mumble" lady:"What was that? Sorry? Katherine?" me:"Katie" lady: "Kathy.." me: "KATIE." lady: "Oh Katie! Is that K-a-t-y?" me: "I-E." lady: "Oh ok, thank you." 
Clearly she didn't take mumble as a second language...
-Baking a cake with your 24 year old sister. On a Saturday night. And filming it. It was an excellent cooking show...Until we realized how old we were.
-Being able to do 50 0 push ups when you are having a competition with your sister. But hey, your lovely "hook" long nose managed to catch you as you hit the ground.(This also occurred Saturday night)
-Eating about 3/4 of the cake you made within the period of 3 days. I am a girl of many talents.
-When you are having an ALREADY awkward dinner and then the awkward silence takes a hold and you start making up remarks in your head to their one word replies thus making you crack up which makes everyone ask you what is so funny. I'm sorry? Have you not been eating dinner with us for the last 10 minutes?
-Contorting one's face into the oddest positions in order to distract a baby from crying. Along those same lines...making one's voice reach very high octives when talking to a baby. See a baby-switch to high vocal range-"Oh hey there! What you doing? What you doing?"...yea.
-Waiting 10 minutes for toast....note to self: Make sure toaster is plugged helps speed up the process of toasting.
-Dancing and singing to oldies music in Trader Joe's with my mom. "My boyfriend's back da da da da da da da da! Hey now! Hey now! My boyfriend's back!..."
-Making a cake with my sister and filming the whole thing. (This was in fail as well I know. But you gotta admit, it is awesome too)
-Getting the "My Body" card whilst playing Apples to Apples. That card ALWAYS wins! (Unfortunately it did not this last time...should have...stupid "Steve Martin" card.)
-Not wearing make up 3 days in a row. Rubbing my eyes and not worrying about smudging the make up. Yes. Fab.
-Watching Ed Sheeran on livestream at SXSW and cheering really loudly for him, even though we were sitting in my room...felt like we were there.
-Having 1, 2, 3, 4, but 5 dance parties in a row at my casa. We like to move it move it.
-Making it through another week with just enough dignity to go into the weekend :)

Happy Friday everyone! 
And...(in an irish accent) 
 "Have a tip top Saint Patty's Day! 
The ole luck of the Irish!" 
Wear your GREEN!

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