March 30, 2012

Not So Confessional Friday

The only thing awkward aka Fail worthy about this week is that I have nothing to blog about for my weekly Friday Confessions. Sorry that this may have put a damper on your Friday because I know how much you like to laugh about my embarrassing moments. I apologize.

Since I have nothing that is worthy of going under my fail category I will share somethings that happened to me since last Friday:
1. My parents are out of town, well more like out of the country, til next week. 
2. I actually had plans that did not, I repeat, DID NOT fall through last Saturday. Yes friends. It is true, I did have a conversation with a human being. Go me. We went out to dinner and then decided for dessert we would go buy some cookies and eat them at my house. Wow. I have never laughed so much in one evening...This is why friends are important. They keep you sane. Bonus points too when your friend laughs at everything you say, thus making you feel like a stand up comedic genius.
3. My sister and I made a fantastic thai food dinner last night. It was restaurant worthy.
4. Ryan Keen. Definitely talked to him. Definitely bought his EP off iTunes. And definitely have listened to it over 15 times now. (hint hint, nudge nudge, go buy it)
5. Passing math! Holy banana peel with strawberries on the side! Best feeling in the world to know I will never ever ever ever have to take another math test again!
6. I some how managed to mess up my knee whilst lunging at the gym. My knee is swollen and is currently elevated. 
7. Last Sunday night. Hahahahahaha. Oh man. Too funny. 
8. Having middle schoolers think I am the coolest thing since sliced bread.
9. Getting my Buried Life book in the mail. Yes it was autographed. And yes, Duncan is a dream boat. 
10. Sitting outside for, oh I'd say about hmm 20 minutes talking on the phone to my best friend. Coming inside and noting that I now am styling a farmer's tan with a smidge bit of pink hues....mhm I live in state that gets sun about 3 months out of the year. So when the sun comes out, I soak it in. Then the sun decides it would be cool to slap me in the arm and give me a burn. 
11. 100% pure and utter laziness this week. Parents outta town and spring break. Ya I'd say that calls for days of pajamas, movies, and eating cookies.
12. Seeing my abs without flexing. This is a big deal since I have been working out pretty regularly since September/Octoberish. So yea. I am proud.
13. Making up new dance moves. 1. The ice scraper. 2. The wheel. Oh ya. Look out SYTYCD I am coming for you.
14. Having no plans for the week..................uhm not sure why this is a good thing. As this happens to be my everyday life.
15. Being on a roll with witty come backs. Making me win any and every slap in the face that people try to give to me. You dish it and I can dish right back. 
16. Getting a shout on a UK radio station by the lovely Lewis Mokler. Thank you, thank you!
17. This one is for technology. Wow. I FaceTimed with my parents, who are on the other side of the world. Ya, hello, 2012, you are crazy amazing.
18. My cat stabbing my leg with his claws. Hurt. Wayyy bad. 
19. Being invited to lots of album release parties or just gigs. Too bad they are all in England...le stupid. 
20. Oh and lastly, the Titanic previews for the 10 year anniversary release. Ya, chills all over. Can't wait. "Yourrrrr herrreeee! There's nothing I fear!" Oh leo, sighhhh.

Happy weekend everyone! Hopefully this list of things that have occurred in my life this week hasn't left you too disappointed. Although I am kind of proud at how I was this much closer to normality last week...
we shall see how long that lasts though.... :) 
Oh here's photos to go with #3, 6, 9,10, & 18:



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