March 6, 2012

Oh Life

...How you entertain me. Let me count the ways......Ok, I will count them on Friday....So today is Tuesday, it snowed. Random. However, the snow made the gym extremely empty. Which was lovely. And on another note I woke up at least 5 times last night. Once at 2 am, which I thought it was 6 am. So that was cool. Then at 4, 5, & 6 (that is when I gave up and got an unfortunately early start to my day). Also, my sister and I are planning our trip to the UK. So. stinking. excited. :D A customer at my sister's work brought her two pamphlets for London yesterday (she herself is from England) because she found out we were planning a trip out there. Lovely!! I am feeling quite good today and the sun is shining! Lastly. I have consumed (over the last 2 days) 10 cookies, probably closer to 15.....yeaa....that's embarrassing.  Okay. Oh and well, this morning. As I was dancing in the hallway I fell down. Floor-26 Katie-0. Alrighty.
Now that I am done making myself sound...umm...awesome? 
Happy Tuesday. Make it one.

And for all you people my age. This is for us:

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