March 19, 2012

Weekend Happenings

 Photos 1st. Story 2nd: 

 Back to the grind we go. Yes. The lovely weekend has since past and we are back to another depressing. This weekend for me was actually quite busy. 
Friday night was spent with my family going to Burgermaster for dinner (dinner in the car because we live in 1952) actually I really enjoy that restaurant. Then we proceeded to Ikea for inspiration for my sister's room...we left uninspired, erm she did. I was very jolly and inspired. Oh by the way, definitely talked to a stranger whilst at Ikea. He asked for help with what curtains to buy since he was a bachelor and needed it to look manly. We had a good 5 min conversation about the tweed brown and white or the tweed green and white. I told him to go with what his gut told him. I really wanted to quote some She's The Man and say "What does your heart tell you." But i did not because he didn't look like a guy who would watch that movie. Bummer. He decided on the green case you were wondering what he bought. After Ikea we headed home, stopped at the movie store since it's going out of business and bought 10 new movies, including 3 Olsen Twins movies because me and my sister are secretly 5 years old. 
Saturday. Oh the Saturday. I went to my friend's house where his dad has a shop/garage and had him work on my car because it was being mc-lame. He fixed it! Yee hoo! After that, I went home and my parents and I had a fantastic St. Paddy's day feast complete with corned beef and cabbage Yum! After dinner festivities included us watching (yes my dad, my mom and me) Downton Abbey. Wonderful.
Now Sunday. Uhmmmmm it SNOWED! Stupid, lame, white pillows of snow landing and sticking everywhere!! Lammmmee. You see, typically I am a fan of the snow. I mean the more the better. But that day I had plans to see a very good friend of mine who I had not seen in months. We were meeting up with our moms (our families have been friends for almost 20 years) and we going to get crepes. Fortunately the snow decided it would melt and we could continue with our lives. The crepes and chats were oh so appreciated. Me and my dear friend are basically our mothers just 30 years younger, so we can basically chat forever about absolutely everything. Tis great. After crepes we went home, parents went to Seattle for dinner and my sisters and I fended for ourselves for dinner. Oh and we watched another MK & A Olsen movie.(The last photo is what my sister was doing whilst watching the movie..she's cool)
WHEEEWWWW! Long post again. Sorry folks. 
I hope you are having a great Monday and that your Tuesday will be wonderful. :)

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