April 4, 2012

Open Mic, Dick's and Trolls

Turns out I do know how to live my life. Don't know how it happened but I somehow stepped out of my body last night and slipped into a cool kid's shoes. The rumors you hear are true, I did go out last night. Me. Awkward, cat loving, home on Friday nights girl, went out on a Tuesday and didn't get home til 3 am.
Set the mood. Scene begins at 7:30 pm. Seattle. Sunshine and rain. Me. Sister. And our tank of gas pretty much on empty. 
We had plans to meet up after my sister got off work. I would pick her up and we would go to an open mic night. Only problem...I was freaking out like a squawking bird because there was almost no gas in the tank and no stations to fill up in sight. 
Found a gas station. I calm down. And off we go to the open mic night.
We show up at a cafe in Seattle, meet up with two guys Antonio and Andrew (2 very cool guys), sit down and watch the performers. Antonio performed 2 songs, which were way good! (Highly recommend you all check out his music if you haven't already, Antonio Lulic, I promise you will not be disappointed :) ) After that we decided to go out to a bar. People this was my first bar experience. Ever. It was exactly what I pictured a bar to look like, dark, loud, crowded, leather and lots of photos on the wall. Oh and I cooly played the "I'm 21, here's my I.D." thing. It was actually in my wallet, I had to dig it out. I'm getting better guys :). Long story short though, that bar was too crowded so we headed up to the next bar, which was less crowded, got a table and chatted for about 3 hours. So fun. Hilarious, awesome and chill. Pretty fantastic if I do say so myself...I did drink mostly water though...minor details. 
After the bar we decided to take these fellas to Dick's in Seattle. Yes, that is a name of a burger drive-in in Seattle. And yes crack away on those inappropriate puns and jokes. We did. It was gonna happen. How could it not. 
Next on the tourist list, showing them the troll under the Fremont bridge. Took us 5 years to get there and my driving was a little stupid. But we made it eventually. 
Last on the list. The epic Seattle skyline view at Kerry Park. It did not disappoint. And that also took us 5 years to find. (I apologized for my lack of direction. Andrew, who is not even from Seattle, used his phone to get us from point A to point B.)
..........So flash forward. I'm driving them back to their hotel. Then all of a sudden my car starts making this horrid noise. It sounded like a flat tire, so I pulled over. Everyone got out, we checked the tires, looked under the car and saw nothing. Get back in the car, continue driving, the sound comes back and we know this is not good, whatever it is. I try to keep my cool (I mean we only just met them and I didn't want to make the situation worse by me freaking out) we pull over again, check it out. Nothing. Notta. Zilch. Back in the car we go. We drop the guys off and my sister and I hope that nothing goes wrong, we just need to make it home for this 45 min drive we have. 
.....................................................About 25 min from home. The car sounds like a helicopter. I decided it was time to pull off the highway and look at this car. And no friends, I did not keep it together. Ask my sister. I was freaked out. A) because I didn't know what I had done to the car. 2.) Because I thought it had to do with the steering or something that would be hard to fix. 3.) it was 2 in the morning and no one would be up. 
We pull into an empty but well lit (safety first) parking lot. Get out of the car, text the guys letting them know what was going on and also that our car had turned into a helicopter. I go over to the tire and look at it....the tire was missing 2 lug nuts! THAT was the problem! Someone had tried to steal the tire or hub caps (I don't know why) off our car. But they did not succeed. We told the guys what was up (they were very kind about the whole thing and helped us out via phone about what to do). We switched a lug nut off another tire and drove home. Laughing the whole way home but extremely thankful that nothing more serious had happened. 
That my friends was my Tuesday night. Memorable. 100%. Music, laughter and new friends. Yep. It was fantastic.
minus the car trouble. 
Bed by 3 am. And that is how I do things.

Apologies for the lengthiness of this post. But I wanted you to have the background and I didn't want to miss anything since this stuff or evenings are a rariety for this lady right here.

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