April 2, 2012

Musician Monday

Hello. I love music. More specifically British music. Today, I decided to do something different and have today be a Musician Monday, this meaning I will tell you about an artist I am currently enjoying and then I show you a video about them and tell you to buy their music, kapeesh...ok. 
Happy Monday!
Alright lovelies, I suggest you check out Lewis Watson. A 19 year old fella from Oxfordshire, England. Watson has a gift, a gift of music and he does not disappoint. He has this buttery wonderful round voice that makes you want to listen to more and more of him. His EP came out at midnight today and yes, I bought it as fast as I could (not knowing I didn't have to wait til midnight over here in the states). The title of his EP is a clever one, one you probably won't forget. Watson's EP is called "It's Got Four Sad Songs On It BTW"...clever right??? Ok. So go buy it folks. I am serious. I have already listened to it at least 5 times and I bought it 40 minutes ago. And just as I typed that I pressed replay again...ya, so listen to me. He is fantastic. :) 
Oh also if you buy his "physical" copy of his EP he will personally sign it and write a message on it. Awesome right!?! For more information look here.
Here's a song off the EP, it's titled Bones (one of my favorite songs of his) Enjoy!

**reader's note-after going to sleep and waking up this morning Lewis's EP went to #13 in top albums, #1 in singer/songwriter in the uk  and #17 in the us singer/songwriter album. And the day isn't even over yet :) so proud of him!

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