April 19, 2012

Stylist. It All Starts Here.

Exciting schtuff happening for me. I am getting to put on my stylist face (finally) and make my friend into a beautiful butterfly for her senior prom! WOO WOO! I am beyond excited. I mean it isn't a huge deal, but I am stoked. We did a hair practice on Monday and tomorrow I am doing a run through with full hair and makeup. Her dress is stunning and her shoes are fabboo. We decided to do a pancake braid hair style so she can snack on something during the evening....
Joke. But it is called a pancake braid and it is so ridiculously easy, so easy that I did it on myself yesterday. Plus it looks awesome. Anyways, it's just one gig, but hey, gotta start somewhere right? (I styled her sister for prom 2 years ago :))
First prom gigs then the red carpet?????
Have a great Thursday folks. 
Oh and this is the pancake braid I did yesterday.

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