April 20, 2012

Friday Confessions

Happy Friday! Hope you all have grandeoso weekends. Tonight I am heading into Seattle with my mom to go shopping and go out to dinner. It is going to be splendid :) Enough of my rambling, here's my awkward life....
-Hitting the table with my hand and spilling salsa all over me..I was trying to explain a story about the gym and since I have such massively long arms they hit the table. 
-Singing the wrong word and church, when it was silent. 
-Tripping while trying to make a point. All determination of making myself seem smart=out the window.
-Walking into a building to turn in a few papers so I can graduate with my AA and noting that 1.) It was completely dark 2.) There was construction everywhere 3.) The building was kinda sorta maybe blocked off with a fence, minus the bit of room for someone to get into and out of the building. I also saw someone walk in the building right before me so I figured it was open to the public. He was a construction worker. I quickly backed away (red faced and all) and saw on a door that the enrollment office had been moved....since december.....
-Attempting the "Smokey Eye" on myself. More like the "Look Like You Got Punched In the Eye, Eye", because that's what it looked like.
-When people walk in on the most awkward part of a movie. Happens all.the.time.
-The walk around at the gym. Ya know, the one where you start to walk towards a machine and then someone else hops on it. Ya that walk. Do-da-do I'll just walk around, go towards the water, stretch...ahhh. Yeee that one.
-Hugs. Sideones. When you think you will get a regular normal hug and they go in for the side one.
-That moment when you realize you have watched too much television because you can recite the ENTIRE human society commercial about cats. "I just want a home..." And then your sister just stares at you and walks away.
-Not really awkward for me per say, but for my sister. Finding her teddy bear wrapped up in a scarf and bundled up because she "didn't want him to get cold." Then my mom telling her "Yaaa, you need a boyfriend.". I died of laughter.
-Asking a stranger for a pen. BY MYSELF. And guess what?! They didn't bite me. Don't know why I was so afraid in the first place.
-Compliments. Giving and receiving them. They truly can lift your mood.
-Receiving the BEST email ever! "Congratulations! You have fulfilled all the degree requirements for psychology. You will receive your diploma at the end of the quarter." YEEE! Hallefreakinglujah!
-Growing up this week. Handling situations without anyone to hold my hand. And I went through this multiple times this week.
-Waking up completely rejuvenated and happy.
-My dad suggesting me and my sister just fly into Paris when we take our trip to London in the fall, considering how it is RIGHT THERE. He makes an excellent point. And I agree with him. 
-Styling a good friend for her prom. She is going to look way good!
-Cleaning out my sister's room! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH! You don't understand THIS. IS. HUGE. she NEVER cleans it out. And we achieved cleanliness and filled the garbage and recycling bin with oodles of stuff.
-Friends who make me laugh. Strangers who make me laugh. Family who make me laugh.
Have a grand Friday everyone!

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