May 30, 2012

The Day After A Concert

Last night my sister and I made our way down south to Portland, OR to see Ben Howard perform at "Wonder". We didn't leave our house till much later in the day (whoops) but we still managed to make it down to the show at 7 pm. We stopped off at the store to grab snacks for our late night drive back (ya know, to keep us awake- twizzlers, fruit snacks, laffy taffy, crackers....the essentials.). We hit traffic a few times, but all in all a pretty decent drive. Singing in the car obviously happened. 
The show was fantastic (minus the opener), we had good spots to watch and being that the venue was 21+ (my first ever time going to one of those. I felt hip) there weren't any little children screaming-but there were screaming really I don't know what I prefer more. Anyways, the show was amazing, so enjoyable, it reminded me a lot of the Mumford & Sons concert that I went to back in December (also in Portland, they have good vibes down there). There was a few hiccups with the photographer who was a bit ridiculous and rude, but other than that I loved it! I mean how could you not, Ben Howard is talented, his cellist/bass player/percussion gal is amazing, and his drummer/electric guitar player/plays the tambourine with his feet player is just wow! They played all the songs that I enjoy and for an encore Mr. Howard played a song of his acoustically and then his band came out and played "The Fear". So lovely! 
After the show we met Ben and India Bourne (his cellist), she was such a delight and so kind, she encouraged me to learn the bass. So that'll be next. ;) Ya such pleasant people. I got a kick outta when Ben Howard was talking to me and my sister and commented with the remark "Wicked" except when you are british it sounds like (whick-kid) and then when India said "Oh that's mad!"...sorry friends, I am just a bit wrapped up in the british world right now so these simple phrases make me laugh/happy. We got a photo and thanked them and off we went.
3 bottles of water, 3 laffy taffy, 30 songs, and 4 hours later, we were home...
The concert was up there with Mumford & Sons and Ed Sheeran. I mean, duh. 
.....I am running on about 4.5 hours of sleep right now. The birds were chirping when we got home. Yep..that's how early in the morning it was when I hit the hay.
Alright I'm off folks! Have a lovely Wednesday! And here are 2 videos  I took from the show last night. "Only Love" & "Keep Your Head Up", and also a photo. Enjoy! 

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Jen said...

ONLY LOVE!!!! OMG K, this is awesome!