June 1, 2012

Friday Confessions

In case you weren't aware, today is FRIDAYYYYY! Yeehaw! Fire up them bbq's because it is officially June! Super excited for summer and all that jazz! Anybamboozle...I am wide awake at this nonhuman hour so I figured I would write my post for the day. 
-Doing the irish jig at a concert before it starts because me and my sister know that is the best way to gain friends. Plus people will think we are irish dancers-ya we are THAT good.
-My voice. It not only mumbles, but it speaks at a small volume. Lucky me. "No cheese on that." "Ok" then my mom goes to the waitress "She cannot have dairy, so no cheese." the waitress goes "OH! Ok, no cheese.".....cmnssakjjsn ya that's what I said.
-When I meet musicians I get really quiet and cannot talk so I just resort to giggling. "Hi, how are you?" "Heeheehaha." I need to work on that.
-Going to the hardware store looking for paint colors, then a really attractive guy asks if we need help. I looked like a scrub people, no makeup, hair up, shorts, toms, and a ratty sweatshirt. I some how managed to speak...don't know how because I was completely taken aback by his looks and his good taste in shoes. 
-Fun fact from the above statement. I graduated with that guy. Time has done him well, he did not look like that at all in high school. And no, I did not mention to him we graduated together. Why? 1.) Everyone thought I was a mute in high school, & no one really remembers me from that time. 2) That's just awkward to bring up, especially if you had a class together......we did. 
-Going to concert in another state and driving to and from it in one day, thus leaving you to get home at 4 am. Birds were a chirpin' people.
-That wonderful moment when your mother asks if you need gloves for painting, you reply with the fact you don't have a boyfriend, therefore you don't need to impress people. You mom's response is "I'm never going to be a grandma."....I did not know that clean unpainted hands were a determining factor........................Later on you get paint on your elbow, your upper arm, your hair, you knee, and....your hands. Well I guess I'm hopeless. Ah, c'est la vie, there's always the cat lady option.
-I did not eat a KING SIZED package of twizzlers and a bag of laffy taffy in less than 36 hours. Nuh uh. 
-If you know me you know that I get lyrics to songs right. All the time. And by all the time I mean not. "    " uh I am not even going to try to give you an example, just any song, listen to it, and if you are a teensy bit unsure if it was "always" or " in your ways" I probably said "always", which would be wrong.
-Your sister bringing up the point that me and her should probably break up and branch out into social circles with friends. Then coming to the realization that, nahh, we would probably just sit in our rooms alone and text each other if we did and therefore we shall just stay how we are. But adding to that, your mom decides to tell her friends about it. Now we just look pathetic. And odd. But mostly pathetic.
-Hanging out with your cousin at a party. You and her decide to go find what other people are up to, and you find a room where they are chatting. You two enter. They leave. Oh and turn off the lights...while you are still in there. Yep. Feeling the love. Did I mention it was a FAMILY party, and my own MOM and AUNT did this to us. They also shut the door. "Hey! We are 21 & 26! Not 3 & 8!.....Plus, I am afraid of the dark...hello? Mom? Mommmmm? MOMMMMMM!".
-Ook I think that is enough embarassment for the day. We all know more will happen to me starting in the next, ohhh 7 hours. Me and awkward go together like ramalamalama kadingadingdabomb.
-Your cousin throwing a 1920's party for her bday, and you get to dress up. SO FUN! 
-Driving home after the party at midnight. You and your sisters decide the best way to keep dad awake while driving is to sing every musical/song we know-starting with grease--->disney movies.
-You and your sister making a finger dancing video to Riverdance music not on a Friday night at 11:30 pm.
-Double stick popsicles. YUMMM! 
-Watching the bachelorette with your mom and discussing the character traits and behavior of the guys dating Emily. It is my highlight of the week. And I'm not kidding.
-Seeing your cousin again! Yay! She lives in california so seeing her is like finding out Santa exists.  
-Your parents taking you out to dinner for all your hardwork on redecorating and painting your SISTER's room. I also got wine & cider. My parents are the best :D
-Ben Howard concert. UHHHH YES! Go listen to him people, incase you missed my 2 postings on him. He is good! And good looking. SO that's a bonus. Also I got to meet him after the show. He put his arm AROUND me! I could have melted...but that would have been awkward.
-My mom helping me paint my sister's room, thus she got to recognize my favorite artists music. 
-Dancing around our town's mainstreet with my sister. 
-Really good pasta, and chicken and beef that I have consumed in the past week. Yummy.
-Planning my sister and mine's trip "across the pond" and having our british friends get really excited for when we are coming over there. EEEK! I cannot wait!

Have a good week y'all! I for sure will, my best friend comes home on Sunday! YES!!


Anonymous said...


Btw. Ramalamalama kadingEDYdingdeedong.

Love, grape.

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, now I'm REALLY curious who the guy was.....