May 27, 2012

I Have Not Been On Here For A While...

I have not had a fresh post since Tuesday. Whoops! My apologize, I have been super busy with things this past week and time for posting slipped away. I did not do my Friday Confessions (I hate when I don't get to post it!) so I will be posting that today, as well as a posting about the fashions going on in France for the Cannes Film Festival. WOOOHOOOO! On a side note, today I am going to Folklife in Seattle (probably, I don't know if it's for certain..but I will just say I am just to make my life seem more exciting.) with my family for a few hours and then probably jaunt around rainy cloudy sunny Seattle. After that we are heading to my aunt and uncle's house for my cousin's 1920's murder mystery dinner party! I am so excited! I am going as a flapper and have researched my eyeballs out for how to's when it comes to makeup, hair and costumes. I don't actually have the flapper dress yet, but I am picking it up after church whilst also picking up other dodad's make up wise. My dad is going as a bouncer (he and my uncle are wearing tux's and standing at the door to lead people to the party), my mom is going as a rich woman (we are straightening her ever so curly hair!), one of my sister's is going as a flapper as well and my other sister is going as a 20's gal (no specific title, just that). I am doing the hair and make up for the four of us (whew!) but I am exciteeeeeddddddddd!!! OH! and I am teaming up with my cousin to do photography before and during the party. I am also in charge of the background music, which is why I am posting this so late because I am working on the music at this moment. So today should be a rather eventful and fun day.
On another side note.....yesterday (actually this past week) I started working on the ginormous project of playing interior designer for my sister's room. And yesterday I FINALLY got to paint it! 
Story time:
So my mom and I head to the local hardware store to pick up the fabulous paint.
We decided to choose a color with a bit less yellow.
Easier said then done. But nonetheless it had to be done. So the hunt was on.
I, still wearing my scrubby clothing from project "Sister's Room", was taken a back
when this very attractive fella came up to us and asked us if we needed help.
(Uhh I need help catching my breath and losing this red color in my face...)
So anyways he helped us, because he loves me. Because it's his job.
We got the paint. I was being actually super friendly. 
I don't know how words managed to come out of my mouth.
After we bought the paint, we headed home, showed my sister the color. 
She did not approve.
SO back to the store we go.
I was happy to go back in and get it changed. However, I still looked like a scrub.
He helped us AGAIN! YIPPEEE!!
Embarrassing moment when my mom and sister started arguing 
over paint colors right in front of mr. mclovely.
I tried to calm them down, he figured out how to fix the paint, then my mom decides to ask him another question about something else. 
Him being Mr. McLovely, of course helped her. As he was walking, away my sister and I agreed he was "Fioonee" and then we giggled like girls over him. When he appeared again, we played it cool, as to not embarrass ourselves.
C'est la vie.
Conclusion of the story is:
New paint.We got it.
Me and Mr. McLovely are getting married. Wedding is next month. Invites TBA. 

Ok. Night you beautiful people. Have a lovely Sunday. And i hope it is actually a SUN-day for you!!

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