June 15, 2012

Summer List

I think it's an appropiate time to put down an annual "to-do" list for the summer, seeing as today it is beautiful and sunny outside, and I am feeling exceptionally ready for summer today.

-bon fire on the beach with friends.
-Go on more than 3 hikes
-work like a dog to be able to play like a queen.
-hair cut, i mean short hair cut.
-star gazing
drive somewhere alone and take pictures in a place I've never been to.
-read a book.
-eat corn on the cob.
-be able to run longer than 20 min on the treadmill.
-swim in the lake
-make homemade "lactose free" ice cream for myself.
-play beach volleyball or back yard volleyball.
-spend time with friends.
-spend a whole day at the beach.
-finish a project
What are you putting on your list? :D

1 comment:

Pam said...

Road trip.
Catching some dungeoness crab.
Making strawberry jam.
Getting all the weeds out of my gardens!