June 19, 2012

I Have News....

BIG NEWS! But before I tell you, (muahaha suspense, I love it when I am on the other end of it. haha), I am going to fill you in on what's been happening since my last post.

As you know, my friends are back in town! Yeee! (well they were, now they are gone again.) That's why last week I was kind of lagging with the posts and such. I was off having a social life. A rare occasion, that when I am greeted with it, I welcome it with open arms (HELLO Social Life! I have missed you! (cue violins)). Let's start with Monday, no not yesterday, psh, you thought I only was able to handle one day of a social life, guess again my friend. LAST Monday I went to my best friend's house for our typical Bacherlorette viewing party, the one where you and a bunch of girls sit on a couch and yell at the tv screen, sigh at the tv screen, hide behind a pillow while watching the tv, and laugh at the tv screen. So me, Abby and our other best friend MICHELLE! (who was up visiting from Arizona) watched the soap reality tv, but it's actually reality, I don't care what you say. ;) We were so happy to be reunited and watching that show really just makes the evening so bondful. That was my monday night.

Tuesday night I had plans with different friends! (Oh yes, different friends and plans 2 nights in a row!) We went out to eat in downtown and gabbed our lives away, but mostly grabbed our sides from laughing so much. Then we went back to their apartment and continued the evenings festivities for the next 4 or so hours. It was wonderful, dance party included. We even got scolded by their apt. manager. Rebels. Fun evening it twas it twas.

Wednesday night. Hung with the cats. And my family.

Thursday night. FUN. Me, Abby & Michelle got together and made dinner together. A collaborative effort. I made my bruschetta and brought a bottle of wine, Abby made her pasta, & Michelle made a spinach and strawberry salad with sugared almonds (for me) and sugared walnuts (for her and abby). Funny story, I am allergic to dairy and walnuts (ya boat load of fun I am..) anyways, meesh didn't know I was allergic to walnuts and she freaked out that she cold have killed me if she had put it on the salad. I wouldn't have died, my mouth would just cut up and such, but all is good. No harm done. Anyways, my friends and I poured a glass of wine, and sparkling cider for Michelle, popped up some tv trays, ate our delicious collaboration and watched some Real Housewives. Ah yes, so classy, not gonna lie, it was an excellent evening. Then we went out at 10 pm to our favorite dock, where our friendship really began about 3 years ago and just talked. We headed home and talked in the car (it was parked) til 12:30 am. I love them dearly.

Friday....I think I was home. Yea I was. Oh yea we cleaned the carpets at our house, so a game of lava monster was created by me and played by me to move about the house. My little 6 year old cousin came over and I taught him to pogo, also raced him on the scooter...I won. Then he made up a game with tennis balls...I also won. 

Saturday, parents went out, so I made homemade thai yellow chicken curry all by myself, and my sister came home and we ate it up. Delicious.

SUNDAY. Father's Day-Super awesome day! Me and my sister annie bought 15 boxes of Cap'n Crunch (my dad's favorite cereal) and built a wall outside his door @4 am. We made a sign, telling him to carefully open the door, and waited til 7:30 am to hear a "crash!" of boxes falling to the ground. He thought it was the most awesome thing ever, and continued to build towers as the day went on, with his 15--now 14 boxes of cereal. Never seen my dad more excited about a present. My mom made a fabulous (brunch-brinner) whatever you want to call it, it was delicious. Then me and my family hunkered downstairs to watch movies for the rest of the rainy day. We watched cars (which I slept through), then HP 7 part II, then HP 1. It was an excellent relaxing day. 
That was my last week wrap up. Phewwww. Now....drum roll please...I hope the suspense hasn't killed you or maybe you are tricky and just skipped the last few paragraphs of my life and wanted to know the BIG NEWS....
Well here it is.......
I'M NOT DRESSED YET! WOW! It's 10:30 am and I'm still in my pajamas. 
Shoot. Lazy me....
Ok I lied. That wasn't the news. This is the news.

(running around house like a 5 year old, flailing arms included.)
Ya! OH my goodness! Totally a trip I wasn't expecting to take at all at the beginning of this year, but life has that pleasant way of surprising you. Love it.
Yep, yesterday I sat down infront of the computer the whole day, applying to universities, making a resume, applying for jobs, and planning a trip. I found some awesome airfare and called my sister with excitement in my eyes and my heart. Planned out the trip, day wise, and me and mom started chatting and looking at trip schtuff. It was amazing. So when we finished dinner, my sister and I decided it was time to book the tickets. We had a 2 min laughing spell where we were almost crying with laughter, then we looked over the information 10 times I'm sure, and then pressed purchase. There were a few hiccups but we eventually got there. We just looked at each other did a weird high five and couldn't believe we had made it official. Holy Goodness. I am going "home". EEEEKK! Ok that is all. I am just beyond excited, so blessed and just wow. 

Have a wonderful day everyone!

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Anonymous said...

Can't believe you're actually going back to Europe (Paris and England). Sounds like...a very good week.