July 13, 2012

Friday Confessions

Dum-da-da-dummmmm! It's Friday! Friday the 13th to be exact. And I'm bringing back my Friday Confessions!! Hope you are about to have a great weekend, I am, I am doing a travel class on France tomorrow with my sister, and then lots of shopping. (Also doing another post late tonight that will be a must see I guarantee it, so come on back!) That is all, byeeeeee.

-Doing handstands over and over and over again...then being extremely sore the next day...and the day after...and I'm still sore.
-Playing raquetball. If you have played it you know. It is difficult. The walls and floors like to come out and hit you if you're not paying attention.
-Buying tickets to Europe and having a 2 minute full on spaz attack. The laughter from that was just so weird. It was a laugh of fear, shock, disbelief and excitement....totally wasted though because it took us the next 2 hours to actually buy the tickets (silly websites needing information).
-When your best friend goes to say goodbye to you and give you a hug and grabs your boob instead....that sounds odd she didn't mean to it was just an awkward hug situation.
-The fourth of July. AKA the day me and my sister realized how many friends we have.
-The fourth of July. AKA the day I realized I like cake. 
-The fourth of July. AKA the day my sisters and I became the neighbors who hate fireworks and let the other neighbors know it.
-The times when my sister and I are just being ourselves and begin making these odd noises and having a jolly good time doing so and then we take a moment and realize how cool we are and stop.
-Yesterday when I went to use the restroom and was drying my hands, the air dryer had a super forceful stream of air and being I was the only one in the bathroom, I decided it would be fun to karate chop the air...and then another lady walked in. 
-Going to a wedding alone and then having to converse with people you haven't seen in 3 years and aren't friends with. Small talk. More like no thanks.
-When people ask you what grade you are in....I'm in college, I'm 21. (Do I really look that young???)
-Falling repeatedly down a mountain because you have weak ankles. "I'm fine *whoah!* I'm fine *ahhh! Whoah*".
-When your neighbors scold you for not having your dog on a leash. You tell them I don't have a dog, I am just taking this one down the street because he got out of his house. Then they repeat, "You really need to keep your dog on a leash."....make matters worse, I live next door to them, they have known me my whole life AND know we only have cats. Some how they did not remember.
-Not noticing the lane was ending and then your mom goes "Uhmmm KAtie!?" OHHH whoah. After that I began singing "Jesus Take The Wheel." My mom did not find it comforting.
-At the gym, doing your sit ups/push ups/whatever ups, pause turn to look up as to rest....Oh hello sir, staring at me, with the creepiest creeper smile, over the shoulder, sitting sideways....oh my. 
-Retelling your past date stories with your family and your family cracking up at them. Yeaaa looking back I would really like to have been a fly on the wall...poor guy, he just couldn't read my mind that I don't like being touched or complimented every time I say something, I mean I know I'm funny, but I'm not THAT funny.
-Teaching your cousin how to skip rocks. She learned and skipped! And it also looked like we were on a date.

-Dancing with my sisters in the kitchen on the Fourth.
-Tanning in the glorious 70-80 degree weather.
-Your 6 year old cousin deciding that your new name is "Absolutely Amazing Katie".
-Your parents taking you out to dinner just because. First time eating at a fancy bar.
-People noting how fit you look...finally (only took me 10 months)
-Home videos.
-Hearing my grandma tell stories from when she was in her teens and twenties
-Handstands. I CAN do them
-Going to the beach and going boating with your cousins.
-Hanging out with your best friend and laughing forever and ever amen.
-Going on hikes.

Have a good day y'all! 

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