July 11, 2012

What Were They Thinking...

On this week's "What Were They Thinking", I would like to highlight a not so famous celebrity in the world, but rather well known in America. Miss Emily from the Bachelorette. Now bless her heart, she usually looks amaze, and put together. 95% of the time I like her outfits, but this week on the show..uhh I have no idea where her mind was. I know it was a stressful week for her but honey, check the mirror before you leave. It was bad you guys. Like a blind grab of clothing and accessories....including her hair piece-a very bad ponytail extension that is cut so blunt it looks like a horses tail. I'm sorry Emily! I adore you, but this week's rose ceremony outfit was not rose worthy. 

Note the frilly thing on the floor length sequin skirt.
FYI I risked finding spoiler photos whilst looking for these pictures. And these don't really do it justice. But you can see the ponytaill in the above photo. Anyways...just saying. It was a bad outfit.

What do you think?

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