July 27, 2012

Friday Confessions

YO DAWG! Es Friddddaayyyyy! Yayyyyy! Holla atcha boi. 
..........ummm hi. Don't know why I just did that. But there it is. Hello dear little cupcakes. It is a lovely Friday and the weekend will be even lovelier since it involves 2 full days with extended family! YEEE HOO! And today I am doing some serious college research and beginning the daunting applications...maybbbeeee..as well as running errands! Yeess! Okay well here's my awkward and sometimes lovely life. Enjoy.

-Wearing a dress to an outdoor party....when it's windy out. (catch my drift.)
-Falling off the exercise ball at the gym. "One...twoo...ahh ow! thhhhrreeeee...woah woah woah!"........no one saw that...okay I'll just pretend no one saw that.
-Going to a bachelorette party and only knowing the bride...skip to later in the evening when you have to drive one of the guests back to her car and she is VERY open about her personal life with you. Um hi, I don't even remember your name, so I for surely don't need to know that you did THAT. Okay thanks bye. Get out of my car.
-Getting really excited when your sister finally gets home to work. You turn to leave the room to greet her and bam! boom! ow! oh hi wall. I now have a bruise.
-Sitting outside in the sun with your gym shorts, a tshirt, and socks on, talking to your friend on the phone. 45 min later. Come inside. Congratulations. You are the proud owner of a fabulous sock, shorts, and tshirt tan line. Excuse me while I run to my room change into my bathing suit. And try to erase this horrible tan outside. Oh just kidding! Here's a beautiful sun burn on your chest and shoulders to even out the nice sock tan line.
-Watching the Bachelorette with your friends. Getting really into the drama and suspense and heartache. Then watching the live audience react. You comment on how pathetic those single women look. Your friends just stare at you. Ha. Ha. I'm one to talk.
-Going to a baby shower and not knowing anyone. So you and your sister end up sitting together. Alone. Doing the "Would you be my friend if......" game.
-UHHH getting stuck between the wall and my sister's bed. Not once, not twice. Not three times. Oh no. But 4 TIMES. None of which my sister helped me up.
-Pathetically tearing up at a travel class about France. I'm ridiculous. I know.
-Stair stepper at the gym. I fell to the ground. Like I sank. I didn't know how to use the machine. Again. My sister just laughed at me. She did not help me.
-Walking up to two people having a discussion and standing there waiting to say hello. You then realize they are not having a fun conversation but more of a private one. Hokayyy I will just slap and snap my hands and fingers together and glide away. 
-Meeting an older sibling of a kid you went to high school with. And laughing a bit too much/hard at a comment they made because 1.) you think it's funny. 2.) because your nervous. 3.) this older sibling is not bad looking. AND 4.) because you did not have time to think up a cute and sauve laugh. (I have never mastered the "How to be a lady and be cute and cunning and attractive and pleasant and proper and attract males and how to flirt and not to be awkward" handbook.)
-Applying for a job I have wanted forever!
-Good workouts
-Running over 2 miles, two days in a row. total of over 4 miles.
-Eating really good food at restaurants. So much so, you don't care that you are overfilling your belly.
-Really good, make your sides hurt, laughter.
-Confidence that came outta no where.
-Conversations with friends about your upcoming trip to see them!
-New experiences
-Seeing old friends and laughing so much. Also being on your "A game" when it comes to comebacks and whitty comments.
-Sitting on the deck with your family, talking about life. Oh summer. You are wonderful.

Have a great weekend everyone! And be safe!

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