July 25, 2012

Here I Lay

Here I lay. Just like a blob. All disheveled in my bed at a 45 degree angle. My cats making it extremely hard for me to stretch out, as they take up the entire foot of my bed. I probably look like a person who never leaves their bed. Neck scrunched up so I have at least 6 chins, hair frizzy and large and in an oh so nasty beautiful ponytail. Sweats on. Make up off. Feet hanging off the bed. Ya I look like a beauty queen!
I just wanted to give you the full descriptive picture of myself right now.
Today was exhausting, (hence the above description) I worked out and made myself sweat like a man. Came home and cleaned up, fed myself and then entered the dungeon of my room. Yes friends, how did you know?!, I applied for jobs today. Well just 1 job, but it is a job I have wanted since I ever discovered the beautiful place where I applied. And boy oh boy was it a 12 page long, stress induced, leave me be, application process. Spent most of my afternoon perfecting my resume, then a few more hours contemplating the application. Add a few more hours to that and, bam! I pressed the "apply" button. It took me a while to fill it out, seeing as I didn't want to mess up, had a few hundred looks over it and then pressed it. "Submit". Eeek. I really did put my head on the table and almost cried. This application for this specific job has been looming over me forever. I did want to apply I just have a massive fear of rejection. But my heart outweighed my mind today and I MADE.IT.HAPPEN. I mean if I want to get anywhere I had to do this. SO there it is folks. My application has been sent off to a company and now I wait.

Made myself a cup of tea, talked my mom's ear off about the applying process and climbed onto my bed, grabbed 2 of my favorite movies and unwound myself from today's events....
.....And then my cats joined.
Oh! Movie 1 just finished! It was fun hanging out with you & Meg Ryan. Now I am going to hang out with my girl Coco Chanel. Au Revior! Bon Soir!

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