July 2, 2012

Saturday's Happenings

Saturday I went to an event that included: a lot of people, flowers, food, dresses, white, tuxes and rain. Yep I went to a wedding. 
I went to the wedding of friends' of mine from high school (they actually started dating on my birthday 3 years ago, wooooo). It was a rainy day unfortunately but that didn't stop the festivities. The thing about this wedding was I went ALONE. Solo. Just me. I was kind of concerned about going by myself since I hate doing things alone, but I knew I would know some people there and the day wasn't about me so I figured go go go and witness this love occasion. I showed up with my hair curled and a blue flowered dress on. And since the wedding was at a farm I knew heels were out of the question (I mean no female likes to aerate the lawn with her shoes), so I wore boots with tights. I did not go with any intentions of trying to look like any famous female singer, unfortunately with my blonde hair and such I tend to get a lot of "You look like_________." and the wedding was NO exception. Right when I arrived I was standing waiting to sign the guest book and felt a tapping on my shoulder. So I turned (obviously because that is polite) and she goes "I'm sorry I am sure you get this all the time but, you look like Taylor Swift." I started laughing because yes I do and because yes I do. She proceeds with "You do get it all the time don't you, haha." "Yep! hahaaha." Then the lady turned to her mister and goes "Doesn't she look like Taylor Swift?!" her husband "Ya! Taylor Swift is here!!" then the man next to him goes "Where's your entourage?!".....Uhmmm haha "They're at home???" I really just wanted this conversation to end because I hate attention and talking to strangers but mostly attention. Luckily I kindly laughed it off and proceeded into the wedding...phewww. I did see some friends there, one was the photographer and I was more than happy to see her, and then I saw her parents and sat with them because there was no where to sit and I wasn't about to go and sit alone! hahaha. Anyways, once seated I looked around, I saw a lot of people I had graduated H.S. with and boy was I not excited to see them. I wasn't a fan of high school, so seeing people who I wasn't really friends with was kinda awkward. But anyways, continuing with the wedding. The ceremony was cute it poured rain but it was still cute. Then the reception started, where I really just wanted to go and hide or leave because there was no one there besides the girls in the bridal party, who I wanted to sit with that was my age. So I sat with my good friend's parents which was actually perfect. And then after the meal we went to the dancing hall where we waited around, it's there where I had the opportunity to have small talk with the kids from my class. As I was standing around, a girl I went to school with came up to me and said "Katie, I just wanted to tell you, my date was convinced you were Taylor Swift." Oh gosh not again. "Hahaha, that's too funny!" I just said that because I kinda hoped it would kill the conversation because there was a crowd around and may I state this again, I HATE ATTENTION. She said they were going back and forth he seriously thought I was singing when the T-Swift songs came on. Silly boy, what would she be doing in Seattle? Hahaha. Anyways. I left before the dancing started because I move like a stiff pigeon. It was a fun evening and I am glad I went alone (amazed by myself doing that) but I was more than happy to go home. :)
(Oh I think it should also be noted that I was super friendly at the wedding and not awkward! Yay! I thought for sure I would be, but I wasn't! YAY!)

Along the lines of the T-Swifty thing. My sister thinks it would be hilarious when we are in London if I was to one day just dress like T-Swift and walk around see if people come up and ask me stuff. We will see....she also suggested I learn how she does autographs and talks. It may be taking it a bit far but it would be hilarious!

Tomorrow I am doing a special post about hair. More specifically how I did my hair for the wedding (it has been specially requested by a friend of mine). So stay tuned.....

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shear indulgence said...

too funny... t swift is beautiful so take it as a compliment

I get told I look like adele at least 3 times a week, it gets so akward : /