July 3, 2012

Hair Tutorial. Awkward.

Hokay. So here is an extremely awkward 3 part tutorial on how I do my waves. Unfortunately my hair decided to be uncooperative today so it turned out flatter and less voluminous. But just be mindful of that. Also I did not realize how awkward it is to have a camera in your face whilst styling, so I made sure my music was extra loud as to not be able to hear my breathing. This "how to" was requested by a friend of mine. I will post photos of what it was SUPPOSED to look like when it isn't being moody and then what it looks like as of right now with all it's sulky (flat) attitude.

You are going to need a 1 inch barrel curling iron. I took the clip off of mine so it just looks like a wand.
You also can use hair spray if you want. I would highly suggest it if you have thin hair, straight hair, or are going to be outside with all the weather elements other than sun.
If you have curly hair like me, lightly straighten your hair after blow drying it as to get out the kinks and make it smoother. DON'T STRAIGHTEN IT SO MUCH THAT IT'S FLAT!
Next, split your hair up into 2 sections. Clip the rest up to be out of the way.
Grab 1 inch sections (give or take) of hair and wrap clockwise....
(This was filmed just after doing the bottom section)

Next loosen half of the clipped up hair. Then continue with your curling.

Last release the whole bit of hair left. swipe it to one side and begin curling, this will give you volume.

 (What it normally looks like when it isn't being mental.)
(What it looked like after I did it today. Booooo)

And that's all folks! Have fun!

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kimberbelle said...

Great tutorial and video. You're gorgeous darling! Ben Howard was the perfect addition :)