August 23, 2012

Allen Stone

Last night my sister and indulged in a night out in Seattle. After a good 10 rounds about the block (all for the sake of parking, darn you Seattle) we FOUND A PARKING PLACE!! Which is like finding gold. Also it was past 8pm so that meant FREE parking. Double gold. Let's move on from the parking fiasco.
We arrived at Easy Street Records in Seattle, which I must say is the coolest record store I have ever been into. We walked in and the place is packed from the front to the back with people age 6-70. So awesome! The band was rockin and the singer was enjoying the whole thing. And I love that vibe. I mean who doesn't?! This fabulous singer, with the vocal range of a male Whitney Houston, goes by the name of Allen Stone. Phenomenal. He has a drummer, a keyboardist, organ player, bass player, and an electric guitar player. Oh Allen can also play the guitar, which he graced us with that talent for a song, and he sings. He's definitely an artist you need to witness their performance in the flesh. The sound (genre) is funk/soul mixed with R&B. I am not usually a fan of this genre, but apparently that is not always true since I was bopping and bobbing to the beats. His look is unexpected, I mean if you just listened to the album without ever seeing a photo of him, you would not picture a curly, strawberry blonde, headed man, with thick rimmed red glasses and urban, hipster style. He is a very nice guy and super excited to meet his fans. Just a good guy. He even made my sister pinky promise about a gig (or two) he has coming up in Seattle. So shhhhhhh. ;) Did I mention he is from Seattle and only 24?! Crazy!! I love when my city has talent. It makes me feel proud. :) It was a fantastic evening filled with dancing (up and down the isles of records), clapping, singing, and photo taking. So fun! Definitely an act to watch. Yea so check him out, expescially you people that appreciate good music and talent.
Here's a little piece of talent. Allen Stone singing Contact High, one of my many favorites.

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Allen Stone said...

So happy for you ! Hope I get to meet Allen Stone one day!