August 17, 2012

Friday Confessions

Utterly completely ridiculous. That's what I am feeling right now. Slacking on the blogging and just wow. I apologize. Typically I have no life so I am constantly available to spill my guts on this thing, but this week I have been quite busy, which is fun. :) Something else that is fun is sun, fruit roll ups and music. Yea. Me love summer. It's the bee's knees.
-Sitting at a red light with your friend and you see 2 men outside (shirtless) lifting kettle balls, like working out in the midday heat. So what do you two decide to do, oh just comment on how riciulous they are being, "showoffs, just trying to get attention." turn our head and realize the light has turned green...about 10 or more seconds ago. How do we know this, uh well, the truck that was infront of us is barely visible and there have been at least 6 cars that have passed you. Bravo to you boys. You achieved it. You distracted us. And we are mortified...
-Not being able to read. Ya that's a bummer. "What's that say? 'Stripe it up and make it amazing!' I like it." your friend responds, "Huh? It says 'Seize it up and make it amazing'." Righhhttt...I personally think stripe it up sounds better.
-Good looking fellas at the gym. They're a rarity and I ONLY see them when I am sweating like a beast and my hair has decided to go Diana Ross on me. It's lovely.
-Telling a funny joke (that previous audiences have found hilarious) and no one laughs. Nothing more uncomfortable than that I kid you not.
-Waking up in the middle of the night extremely nauseous and feeling as though you cannot move or anything. Then you fall asleep and feel great when you wake up. You tell your family and they just laugh at you because you just fell asleep. Feeling the love here.
-Your face breaking out so much you are pretty sure it could form it's own galaxy. Heyyy I see Orion's Belt!
-Friend dropping you off at your house, driving away, you walk up to the front door and it's locked. Not only is it 89 degrees out but you don't have keys with you AND your parents are out at the farmer's market. Oh! And you really need to use the restroom. Never felt so helpless in my life..okay not really but I did feel lame. Long story short, my parents returned just to let me in and then we all went out to the farmer's market.
-Playing M-A-S-H with cards on a summer's evening with your sisters and getting REALLY excited about who you are going to marry, thus you run walk around the kitchen coolly exclaiming how happy you are.
-Not being able to pronounce words. Ya that's a fun one. me-"Aposisscles..apocrites?" mom-"Apostolic." me-"oh. hahaahaha....whoops."
-Giving commentary to the television shows because they can totes hear you. I mean like obvi.
-Having frisbee abilities that are that to a 3 year old.
-Spiders. I scream.
-Waking up. Saying goodmorning to your family and your mom goes "Woah! What do you have to say for your hair???" Me-"uhhh never again." Folks, I would just like you to know my hair looked like it went through WWII and had many bombs that went off. It wasn't even. Uh I don't even know.

-Tan lines. The beach. Glorious. Love it.
-My best friend Abby. Keeping me some what sane before she leaves (tomorrow) for her senior year at college. I am prepared to hang out with my cats again...I guess.
-Less than 2 months now til EUROPE.
-Playing raquetball with my mom and laughing. A LOT.
-Just being relaxed.
-Creating delicious concoctions for myself for dinner. I made 2 different sauces for pasta.
-Watching a meteor shower with your sister. Beautifulness all around.
-Being in an Alex Clare music video. oh yes. next stop hollywood, folks!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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