August 13, 2012


Hey Guys! Summer has officially hit here. Finally. And yes, my people are not taking it well. So this is a list to just sum up the life of a seattlelite year round.

1. We like to complain. Alot.
2. When the sun comes out, so does the city. "Hi um do I know you?' 'Yes, I have lived next to you for the last 5 years." Amazing.
3. If it's raining, we want it to be sunny.
4. If it's raining, we stay inside and wear lots of grey and black. And we tend to sleep alot.
5. If it's raining, we don't carry umbrellas.
6. If it's sunny, we want it to be rainy.
7. If the temperature surpasses 74 degrees, we freak out and melt like popsicles because, "Oh my gosh! It'sssss sooooo hottttttt."Wah wah wah.
8. We forget how to drive when it's sunny. (Not a clue how that works. I guess the blinding ball of fire in the sky has something to do with it. "Oh crikey! What is that blasted thing, I can't.seeeeee"..boom!)
9. We burn. Like toast in the toaster. Sizzle sizzle. Fizzle fizzle. Our skin is now the color of lobster. (Usually occurs in the first 10 min of summer sun exposure.)
10. If the rain has been absent for more than 2 days, and then it returns. We forget how to drive. Pretty sure the technique has not changed here folks, the speed limit is 60 not 45. Let's go grandma!
11. Everyone is extremely chipper and such when the sun comes out. It's like we've all gotten 100% on our report cards or something.
12. Most people live in their sandals with white socks (it's a must), fleece vest and/or jacket, cargo shorts and a nice button down. It says classy person all around.
13. We like jeans. If you don't own a pair, you must be a tourist.
14. You need to enjoy hiking. If you don't, move.
15. People that live here, tend to like the outdoors(hiking) and bugs. We also tend to be expert gardeners. (I am none of these, hence why I am moving to california.)
16. Don't talk to us about politics. People here get fired up rulll fast.
17. We are proud of our bad sports teams.
18. We like greenery. Trees, lakes, grass, mountains...moss.
19. If we get more than 2 inches of snow, EVERYTHING shuts down.
20. We like our seafood. Like a lot.
21. No matter how long you have lived here, you still cannot navigate the downtown area.

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