September 4, 2012

Fashion Whatsits

It has occured to me that while I adore fashion and pretty much have loved it since the day I walked out of the womb, there are some bizzare pieces out there that, yes, while they may be "in trend" or "in style", they are still horrible or hilarious looking. I am not saying I don't like these things, but I just thought I would have a little fun with saying it how it is.

Firstly. The platform heel. I mean platform heel pump?.....This shoe.
HOLY HEEL! I mean what?! If you look at this brick very closely, you can see the reminants of what would have/could have been a simple, beautiful shoe. But why not, let's add a 4 inch block and stretch the heel down to match it. Another heavy would this be to walk in. I wouldn't dare wear this for 2 reasons. Reason 1, I am horribly clumsy and would fall over. Reason 2, I am not sure how I would survive wearing this, as made clear in Reason 1.

Striped Pants.

I don't know why we think these are necessary. But we do. Just add a squirting flower and honey you are in the circus.

These sunglasses.
"Retro" I think it's more like "ret-no" . Ya look like Johnny Depp's version of Willy Wonka. Not even Nicole Richie could pull these off, and that's saying something.

The denim skirt. Uhm didn't this die back in 1997. Yeah. It did.

Tying the sweatshirt or coat around the waist. Very 90's. Which that whole decade was a no-no. Did we not learn the first time??? Oi vey.
Along with that....those boots. See I like boots, but not when dr.marten has been attached as the sole of the shoe. Stop. I'm crying.

Dip Dye.
Because. My Little Pony had rainbow hair. Now I want it too.

The collared don't know how hard it is to find a shirt with a collar attached to it. Wheew.
Just let me say this again. Just because I may have bashed a trend does not mean, I myself, don't love it. I may or may not have dip dyed hair right now.

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Anonymous said...

Denim skirts will always be in!