September 6, 2012

Life. Bits and Pieces.

Hello people, hello! Been a while since I have chatted with you...other than my fashion posts and fabulous "how-to's". With that said, I hope you found those insightful bits and bobs of information........
Yesterday I was not home very much, which was weird. I took my grandma to the doctor in the morning and hit the gym with my mom. Then scrambled home to shower (because that's necessary) and then picked my grandma up from the doctor's and had a nice chat with her while I drove her home. I adore her, she is great. After I dropped her off at her house, I quickly drove home and ate a fast lunch, only to leave again to pick up my sister from the bus. Oh! My sister left her phone at home (which is unheard of, that thing is glued to her...SUPER glued to her.) and I didn't know, so I kept texting her with messages that were like "Uhh where are you?" "Are you off work?" "Hello????". Which none of those messages helped, but she managed to get a hold of me via someone else's phone, so all was good with the world.
After circling the parking lot for what seemed like 30 min, I finally found a spot in the shade and patiently awaited my sister's arrival. While waiting, I entertained myself by: singing, taking pictures, eating food, and people watching. And voila! My sister showed up and scared the criminilly outta me. But I let her in the car anyways. And it was off to the mall we trekked.
 (p.s. we have large identical mouffs)
     We shopped and shopped and shopped and shopped. It was exhausting and such but we did manage to find a few items for our trip (that was the point of the shopping excursion). We wanted to get this certain makeup kit but when we got to Sephora, the kit did not look like what we had seen online (duh) and so we decided against it. Then we hit up A.A. and did not buy a zip up because we want to buy one that fits both of us, but that has not happened and probably will never happen so we just decided that isn't meant to be either and left the store. We went to Macy's and my sister got a free facial, which afterwards we ended up buying some face schtuff. Which was thrilling.
We went to Nordstrom, Francesca's and Forever 21 with no luck and decided it was time to leave the mall.
Off to Target (or as my family calls it "Tar-gee" it sounds french) and bought some snacks, primer and water. We needed to rehydrate and feed our faces so that's what we did. Then we left Target.
Next up, some discounted stores. Both of which I found shirt's at, which was good because I wanted to find long sleeved shirts for the trip. One is a striped long sleeve (loose at the bottom) shirt, which I found at Nordstrom Rack. The other is a black 3/4 length sleeved shirt (also loose at the bottom) with a skull on the front of it. I absolutely adore both of them! We left those stores feeling victorious and headed home.....6 hours later. Phew. 
    I knew in the back of my mind what my mom's reaction to my skull shirt would be because she doesn't like that kind of style, but I really really liked the shirt, and let's be honest, I am 21 and buy my own clothes sooooo why not. I did not do it to spite her at all. I just really liked it so that's that. My dad said it was church appropriate, I think if it's church appropriate, then it is DEFINITELY wedding appropro.
Anywaysssssssssssssssss. I hadn't gone shopping in a long while and spent money, so it was kinda fun to bring some new stuff home. I still am needing to go buy shoes, skinny jeans and a skirt or dress of some kind, and a coat. If you didn't know, my closet is mostly summer vibes, so I lag the fall and winter essentials. I don't know why. I mean I have lived in this rainy and cold state my whole life, so one would think I'd have the basics, but I don't, so that's that.
SIDE NOTE! I bought a deep navy blue nail polish the other day and I love it. It's pretty much my favorite color. So yippee! 

Hope y'all have a great day. I am gonna go eat pizza and soak up the last bits of summer. Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

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