October 9, 2012

Behind and Not Prepared

So the trip is vastly approaching...like 6 days to go. HJSkdhs dndk bcjkdb! Tomorrow is my day off, so I will be running around like a chicken with my head cut off trying to finalize the items I need/want. Last night my sister and I tried to buy our train tickets. Unfortunately, being that we are from America, we can't order them, which is annoying. So who knows what we are gonna do. We need tickets, since our whole trip's mode of transportation is train. That's just another stressor added. Wowwee. I am kind of minorly panicing while writing this, just thinking about being in Paris next week, white girl say what?!, I just am a tad nervous. J'ai parlais une peu francaise et ma soeur ne pas parlais francaise....je ne sais pas if that is the correct way of saying that...oh well. Anyways. Tomorrow I will shopping and spending moola, which that is always fun, except I'll have to run errands solo...not so fun. I don't know why I feel the need to tell you this, but I do, so hardy har har. Also seeing as Monday will come very quickly, and this weekend, who knows how crazy that will be, I will only be doing 2 more posts before I go abroad. I am really really excited to go back home to Paris! It's supposed to rain the while time we are there, but hey, it's Paris rain, therefore it is lovely. I am looking forward to eating baguettes, drinking wine under the city lights, walking along the seine, visiting museums and hugging my love: le Eiffel. I will take soo many pictures and share them on here, but not til after I get back. I also plan on making a few videos which I will also post on here. Eeeekk!! I am so unbelieveably close to going off on this trip that we have been planning and researching for the past 4 months. It's crazy!!! England will be amaze. I mean how could it not be. My sister and I are so excited to see our friends, mostly meet our friends, but a couple we will get to be reunited with. I am looking forward to staying in the countryside for one of our stops and just wandering around, camera in tow, taking photos of the cottages, gardens (pretty sure no flowers will be there though) and just relaxing there will my sister. The rest of the trip besides those 3 days, will be crazy, but a good crazy. We are scheduled to see at least 6 shows, which is mostly the reason why we are taking the trip. We have items to bring and share with our hosts and we are also bringing something over for our cousin, who lives in London. So many good memories are about to be made I can tell. This trip is once in a lifetime and I can't believe we are actually going through with it. It all just fell into place and we decided to jump on it. The nice thing about my sister and mine's relationship is that we are pretty much the same person. We laugh together all the time, and if we ever have arguments we end up laughing midway through them or 2 seconds after they have finished. I know we will need a smidge of space at some point, but other than that we will do just fine. EEEEEEEE I am soooo excited right now!!! Okay that's all.. I just wanted to fill you in a bit. I know it's kind of a ramble post, and there isn't a lot of fluidity to it, but my brain is going about a mile a minute, so therefore that's that.

Okay have a great day! I will try to post at least one more post before I leave. BYEEEEE!

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Hena Tayeb said...

Sounds like a fantastic trip.. have a blast and take a ton of pictures. I plan on living vicariously through you :)