October 3, 2012

Friday Confessions...(Except Not...)

This weekend is an extremely busy one. So busy in fact that 1.) I switched my day off with a day I normally work (which is why I am typing this now...slow day at the office). 2.) I will be gone on Friday (off on a road trip with my sister) so I am posting this today instead of Friday.

Hope you all are about to have a fantastic weekend, I am hoping I don't get sick since I will be quite low on the sleep. My sister and I are taking a boomarang road trip this weekend beginning on thursday, and will not be home til late Saturday night (my sister's 25th birthday :O). With all the European trip planning that had been going on, there has been little time to even get excited about this road trip. So much so that last night we trekked to Target to buy some road trippy food items. Oh yippee kiyeah kala bunga! It'll be a good weekend, and then Sunday, when we will crash like dominos..we are having a party! Oh my. My mom and dad wanted to throw a bash for my sister's 25th, so all of our family is coming over for an open house (strategically done mom, bravo) so people won't stay too long, that way my sister and I can get some very precious and neglected sleep. We also don't want to get sick before Europe happens (which we leave in 12 days....say what?!?). So that's that. My life is a little chaotic right now, and I have no idea how it got to this point, I am so not prepared for the trip and have little time to shop. But c'est la vie, it'll all work out. Okay I'm done chatting, let's get down to my awkward life.
-When the custodian at your work thinks you are a mother to a 5 month old baby because on the first day on the job he saw you babysitting your boss's 5 month old. He asked me how she was, and to tell my little family hello...
-Getting angry with the car infront of me that was sluggishly moving over into the next lane and not noticing how many cars were behind him in my lane. Oh wait, it was just me behind him. I shall stop talking now. Carry on sir.
-Someone asking me where I was applying to schools. I tell them the names of the school and what state they are in. Except that was totally unnecessary because the state that the school is in, is in the title. Bah, my face is red. Bye
-Telling a hilarious story to your family, all 25 pairs of eyes on you and no one laughs. Face is red again.
-Falling out of my bed. I don't know.
-When you are on your phone texting in bed and WHACK! your phone smacks you in the face. Well, good morning to you too...rude.
-Don't know if this has ever happened to you, but....that awkward 2 second moment when you see someone that you know and you aren't sure if you should hug them or just say "hi", you decide on the second part and stand there weirdly...mentally thinking," uhm should have picked the hug option"....red face. stop it.
-When you work out and have CERTAIN MACHINES you are using, like within a circuit. And some stranger, who is grossly sweaty, decides that they too have the right to the machines (not allowed at a public gym, i mean there is an 'I' in publIc.) which ends up messing up your circuit because they are on the machines way too long and way too often. So you switch to a different machine to continue your circuit. But oh, jokes, another stranger does what this other sweaty person just did. Kay, I guess I'm done working out for the day.
-Applying to 2 universities!!
-The European adventure to take off in t-12 days.
-Sunshine. Every day. I forget what rain is.
-Shopping and buying a fantabulous jean jacket.
-Seeing men in their 20's while shopping and knowing they are from europe. They can't look THAT effortlessly good and be from America. I mean duh. P.S. they saw us. It was wonderful.
-Road trip Thursday-Saturday with my sister, our other sister joining in on Saturday.
-My mom taking me and my sister out for happy hour. So much fun! We had a girls day :D
Have a great weekend everyone. I'll talk to you next week. BYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEee.

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Anonymous said...

Hurray for Happy Hour and Girls's Night Out!
Europe Adventure...jealous,