October 23, 2012


Hey everyone. Sorry for the no post situation, I am just having a really wonderful time in England and have put blogging on the back burner being that I'm on holiday and all that. So just a quick summary of what has happened since my last post (forewarning, this won't be a detailed post, I will fill in all the blanks when I get back to the states.)

On Friday, my sister and I left early from Paris via the Chunnel and made our way to England. We bought out the entire patisserie and ate our pastries at the station. We arrived in London and my sister had the biggest smile on her face. She was home. I had a smile on because people spoke English. Phewwwww.
After about an hour we were in the train to Brighton. Exhausted from travel we made it to our hotel. Since it was pouring outside and our luggage was soaked, the hotel man let us check in 2 hours early and gave us a room upgrade (a view of the pier and a queen size bed with also a twin. We dried off, bought a phone and headed to the Ed Sheeran concert. We had special passes and were let in early. Enjoyed the show, made some new friends and were escorted backstage to say hi to Ed. He was excited to see us and asked us about our trip. It was a fun evening. Saw some other familiar faces and even got a quag picture with xo man.

Next morning we headed over to Bath. Made it it o our B&B, unpacked and headed out to be tourists. That evening we reunited wih our dear friend Antonio Lulić, who have us the biggest and best hugs ever. We saw him preform at Oxjam and then went out for drinks. 2 hours of catch up and many moments of laughter. It was so wonderful and so worth the trip to Bath.
The next morning we went to the Roman Baths, which was amazing. Loved it. Then we went to church at the Bath Abbey. Beautiful service and beautiful cathedral.
We bought some lunch for the train and then headed up to The Cotswolds.

Made it to the Cotswolds Sunday afternoon. I fell in love. It is absolutely picture perfect here. We are in Chipping Campden and it is everything I hoped it would be and so much more. Our B&B host Sally was so excited to have two young women stay with her, she told us she wished her son had been around. Hahaha! She was so helpful and lovely. It is the cutest b&b, our window looks out over a freshly plowed field, which has the constant haze of fog and mist. The trees are so colorful, the town's buildings are all made out of Campden stone, the darker the stone the older the building. There's a home that is from the 1600's or the 1100's, I can't remember. Yesterday my sister and I laid low (that was the entire point of coming to Chipping Campden), we went out after breakfast and explored the town, taking people footpaths through cottages and fields. We wandered over to the 900 year old Church, tucked away by a field. The Grave stones surrounding it date back to 1640. The trees that lined the walkway were planted in the 1700's. we walked around the whole church yard and stumbled onto a field with tombstones, a rock wall and old ruins, fog was low and the leaves were dropping everywhere,  then an owl began hooing in the tree, it was so peaceful. My sister and I wandered into the old church that had pats built in 1250 and 1400+. I love that kind Of history. After the church we walked back to the b&b where we popped in a movie and didnt go back out until diner time.
We just finished breakfast and are packing up to head to Cambridge today. We are going to stay with our friend David, who we are so excited to finally meet in person (after many months of Skype and emailing). On Thursday afternoon we head London. Woweee. We are having an amazing time. And we have become accustom to drinking 3 cups of English breakfast tea a day. We don't want to leave England. We love it here. That's all :)
Hope everyone is having a good week and a great Tuesday!! I have to pack now and finish drying my socks with the hair dryer and space heater. Cheers!


LBM said...

Aww you are making me miss England, Cambridge is lovely make sure you go to that really old pub with the writing on the ceiling, I can't remember what it's called but ask someone and they'll know! Have an amazing time in London!

Anonymous said...

You are making me want to watch a British movie and sip a cup of hot tea (even though I am a coffee drinker). Love your description of the church yard and the owl!

Katie said...

Aw thank you!