November 14, 2012

If We Go To Brighton I'll.....

.........Rain on your head.
We made it to Brighton! Yippee!! To give you a back story, Annie lived in London for a semester in college and me and my family visited her while she was there, so we had all been to London before.....but BOTH Annie and I had never been to Brighton. Ohh yes my friends, that's the sound of Adventure.
We got off the train and knew that our hotel was right by the waterfront, and was also..10 blocks away from the station.
This wouldn't seem that far, except we were carrying our luggage and it was pouring down rain. Like cats and dogs. I used my small travel size umbrella (which fits one person) and annie used her hood, so with that said, when we made it to our hotel, our suitcases were soaked and we looked like drowned rats. Drowned rats with frizzy hair. I also had a nice pool of water in my handle compartment. Schveeeet.
We were 2 hours early for check in and knew that, but we figured we could just drop our bags and walk around outside. In the rain. For 2 hours. But to our surprise the man at the desk let us check in early because he took one look at us and didn't want to us to scare other actually he just said it was because it was pouring outside and well he had rooms avaliable. We had requested a 2 twin bed room, but the mr. at the desk upgraded us to a room WITH A VIEW OF THE PIER and a queen size bed with a single bed as well. We couldn't complain. It was amazing.
Once in our massive room, we dropped our bags, literally, flung our clothes everywhere, literally, and opened our suitcases to let them explode everywhere. See while we were in Paris, in the petite apartments, we had to pack our stuff up every morning and every night, because there was no room to be messy, so when we got to our hotel in Brighton, our evil messy personalities came out and stayed out. It was fantastic.
I showered, then Annie showered, then I just decided to do my hair au natural (curly) and annie blowed dried hers and then used the straightener to curl it. Did our make up, lounged around the hotel room, until the rained stopped and then we went out to go buy a cell phone and find the venue.
Oh yes. I forgot to mention, the whole reason we went to Brighton was for an Ed Sheeran gig. :)
So off we went to the shopping centre, Annie bought a prepay phone, and then we went back to the hotel. We saw the line for the venue, I knew the fandom was bigger in England, but it didn't really hit me till I saw the line. Wowweeeee. We headed back to the hotel because 1.) it was raining and 2.) it was really cold outside and 3.) we didn't need to wait in line. (our hotel was right next to the venue.)
We had to head over at some point though to pick up our tickets, which we did, and since we were on th guestlist, we didn't wait in line. We still aren't sure if that was allowed, the not waiting in line bit, but they unlocked the gate for us when we told them we were on the guestlist and didn't know where to go. So we just followed through. Once inside the venue we stood towards the back of the floor area. I get into a zone at concerts where I can get really aggressive if people are touching me and pushing me and such, and I get angry, and I don't like that, because I want to enjoy the show, so my sister and I held back quite a bit. Which was perfect. We met up with some girls that Annie knew from the magical world of twitter, they were all super lovely and friendly, and asked us about Prom in America and High School and if it was as it was in the tv shows and movies. We gave them a sad "no".
The show was phenominal as always, and Passenger and Foy Vance were unreal, just check them out if you have yet to do that. You won't be sorry.
I am always excited to see Ed perform because he gives every show 110% and every one that I have been to has been so fun and enjoyable. An entire evening of entertainment and smiles.
After the show we got to say hi to Ed and chat for a bit. He was happy to see us and asked us about our trip, we thanked him for the tickets and said how much we enjoyed the show. He scooted off but some people he was with stayed behind for a bit. My sister and I were pretty zonked, but we waited around with the other girls whom I mentioned earlier. Harry Styles was in the room, along with Chris Ramsey, XO Man and some others. All were super friendly and nice to meet. My sister got a photo with Harry Styles and Chris Ramsey (who, Chris, was extremely excited when my sister recognized him, which was hilarious). I turned down Harry Styles when he thought I wanted a photo with him. (Nothing personal, I just hate getting photos taken). We asked XO Man to take a photo of us with the girls, and then my sister just goes "UH can we get a picture with YOU?" His reply, "Only if we can do a quagging one.". We got our picture with XO Man except I did not realize how tall he is! He is a giant! I stood next to him and felt like a child. We thanked him for the photo and then off we went to our hotel room.
We chatted with the girls till their taxi came, and then crawled into our beds around the sweet hour of 1:30 am. I fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow and didn't wake up til 8 am.
I showered, again...'cause I am a clean soul. And decided today would be the day I would straighten my hair. I blow dried it (which makes me look like white Diana Ross) and then began straightening it when-----PFFFF! I looked down and saw black smoke coming out of the converter. AWESOME.
My hair was not even half done, and I had only done one side! I began frantically putting the remaining heat of the straightner on the hair around my didn't work to well. Braid day it was.
My sister couldn't stop laughing, I was laughing on the outside and crying on the inside. It was so frizzy and horrible and I was just in disbelief. Also I read the fine print on the converter, "Do not use for more than 10 min at a time." What the! Annie used it for 20 the before. Ughekljlwkflnlw.
Down to breakfast we went, where we feasted our eyes on a very merry English Breakfast. We filled our faces and thus, our stomachs, checked out of the hotel and got on the train to Bath.
We were excited to go to Bath for 2 reasons. 1.) We had a lot we planned on seeing. 2.) We were going to get to be reunited with our dear friend Antonio and get to see him perform at Oxjam. It was going to be a great day, as soon as I got to do my hair.......

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