November 14, 2012

Off to England!

Resuming where we left off on my last travel post (here and then here). On our 4th day abroad we left the city of Paris and got on the Eurostar to London!

We had packed the night before, so we could sleep in an extra 5 minutes. We grabbed our bag of pastries, our suitcases and headed to Gard du Nord.
It was still dark when we left the apartment, the stairwell was pitch black (and it was a spiral staircase) so I was praying with every step that we wouldnt fall and die, once we made it outside (without incidents) we began our walk to the metro...with our suitcases, that were obnoxiously loud rolling down the street.
The metro was surprisingly empty for it being 7 am, which was a relief since it's awkward to maneuver luggage and your body in a tiny train while business parsians are less than happy to make room for you. 10 min later, we were at Gard du Nord. Filled out our customs paper and off we headed to deal with security and border patrol. Let's just say the parsian men that were involved in security and border patrol thought me and my sister were EXTREMELY dim american women. I mean, when I was emptying my pockets to go through the security machine, the man incharge tapped me on the shoulder and goes "Madamoseille, that's alright, please go through." So awkward. And when they asked us where we will be in 2 weeks, my sister began to give the man our entire schedule, to which he cut her off and said where will we going home to in 2 weeks. Again, awkward.
Once through security, we found a spot to rest till it was time to board the train. I just pretended I was in Harry Potter, minus the spell casting and the running through the brickwall bit.....
Train time! I was so sad to say goodbye to Paris, but extremely excited to embark on the next part of our adventure. Annie fell asleep within moments of us going under the chunnel. I bobbed my head a few times and never slept for the rest of the train journey. Can I just mention that Annie fell asleep with her head back and mouth open. I could not stop laughing. Then I saw a french woman glaring at me and I stopped.
After we came out of the tunnel, my eyes widened because we were in England ya'll! Except my brain continued to translate words for when I saw the word "Exit" my brain would go "Oh um...ex-ziit!...wait, no that's already in English....". It lasted for about 5 min and then I got over it.
When my sister awoke from her precious nap, she had the biggest smile on her face. She also had water in her eyes. She almost cried.
The train arrived at St. Pancreas station in London (if you don't know this, it's where Harry Potter scenes were filmed...amazing yes.), we had to find our next platform to get to Brighton, we also had to get moola and train tickets. Took us some time and some sweating because when Annie went to get money out the machine did not take her card. Super scary...except we tried a different machine and it was all good. Then we waited in line to purchase tickets to Brighton, while waiting in line we just stared at people with this gleam in our eyes because they had british accents!! We could have died right there, but then our trip would have been over and you wouldn't know any of this information......
Oh yes. Our hearts were extremely happy to be back in a familier city with people who spoke "english". I say "english" because sometimes you cannot understand them. Found our platform and it was off to Brighton we went! Oh by the way, we had to set our luggage on our laps for the time we were on the train because it was so crowded. That was uber fun. It was also pouring down rain. Another fun little english weather we got to experience more than once. But hey, it was British rain :)

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