November 13, 2012

Oh oui!

I totally forgot to add that, on our last day in Paris, in between the shenanigans at Sacre Coeur and the apartment, my sister and I also went to Rodin's Gardens AND Napolean's Tomb. Don't know how I forgot, just too many things to tell I s'pose.

After we went to Sacre Coeur, we trekked over to Rodin's Gardens. The sky was this gorgeous stormy grey and the sun was coming through ever so slightly to make the buildings have a golden hue to them. Stunning. My sister and I meandered through the scupltures inside, looking carefully at each one and being completely engulfed in the structure and detail of each piece. It was so calming and yet so not. I liked it. A lot. If you ever get to Paris, I recommend Rodin's gardens. After looking through the indoor scupltures, we headed out to the garden. I finally saw "The Thinker" scuplture. It was neat, and a little less "ta-da!" than other scupltures. We walked through the gardens, snapping photos here and there, sat by the giant pond/fountain and just took a moment to take in the whole thing. That was one thing we had to remind ourselves to do-- just slow down, take it in, you are here.--a must do. The rain was starting to fall a little bit, so we headed over to Napolean's tomb.

A MASSIVE GINORMOUS TOMB in the center of this building. You would have though Naploean was a giant or something. It was cool, but not something that one HAS to see while in Paris. Took some photos, and headed out into the storm.

It was pouring rain, but I must say Paris looks even more beautiful in the rain...if that's even possible...
That's when we headed back to the apartment. And now you are filled in with the gap of time from Sacre Coeur to the evening.

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