December 28, 2012

Friday Confessions

Happy Holidays everyone! Hope you are all having a great time with family and friends! Apologies for not posting in almost 2 weeks, I have been enjoying spending time with family and been busy with work and obviously, the holidays...also my computer stopped working so I have been computerless.....Hope you all have a great weekend, I am seeing the King Tut exhibit today with my fam-a-lama-ding-dong.

-Using my laptop and it deciding it's time to die 3 weeks before I leave for school. Thus I had to take it to the computer doctors and, well, they asked for my computer's passoword....let's just say I will from now on, be choosing more adult passwords. "ilovebuble" isn't so cute anymore...or clever.....0
-Putting some things outside during a family holiday dinner. Come back inside, close the front door and end up tripping over 48264 shoes, thus, falling into the wall. No one pushed me. It was just me. I made myself fall over. Who does that.....
-Locating when your last Friday Confessions post was. October 3, 2012. Uhhhh. That's alotta ground to cover...Or fall on.......
-You are on a bus in England and are looking down at your feet, trying to shimmy a carry on suitcase between your legs so it doesn't fall over. Then the bus jolts forward..BODY SLAM! into the bus wall. On the bright side, at least the suitcase didn't fall however.....
-Busting a move, or two, or ten, at a concert with your best grooves with your sister and 12 year old girls just give you the evil eye. We know it was because they wish they could move like us. Obvi.
-Travelling through Paris and England for 16 days and not one male tries to snag your attention. You find out later from your friends that some of their friends thought you and your sister were "together".
-Realizing that you cannot cook/eat anything without spilling something on the ground. Hopeless.
-Not being able to speak to guys. Ohhh sooooo awkward. I like looking at my feet though. I mean they are awesome looking. My face is a natural shade of red. Yes.
-Seeing people you have known forever, in the grocery store and not saying hi. Because you have issues. And buying milk is so much more important than a simple "hi".
-Texting someone some private message and sending it to the wrong person. "Sorry_____! That wasn't supposed to go to you." Yes this has happened more than once.
-Typing the word "putting" on the above bullet point and first spelling it "pooting". I don't know.
-Falling over on Oxford St. in London. Busiest street and I fell. Bravo bravo.
-Going to a christmas tree festival and having the hosts telling my parents while looking at me that "Santa is just over there, when yoare finished looking at the trees go over and get a photo." Do I look like I'm 5?
-When you are wearing a pair of jeans that are somewhat loose, so when you walk they pop. Sounds really bad. "It's not me! It's the jeans! I promise!!"
-Calling clients for work and saying the word "uhm" at least 10 times in the span of 7 seconds.
-The world not ending on 12/21/12
-Getting accepted into your top choice school in So Cal!! I move in 3 weeks!
-Family and friends at christmas time. Laughter all around.
-Getting Chanel Mademoiselle perfume for christmas from your parents. They are the greatest...but for more reasons than just buying me pretty stink spray.
-Going to Europe with my sister and returning with amazing stories, memories, photos, and gaining new friendships.
-New clothing. MMm yesahhhh.
-Buying new music.
-Those really wonderful text messages or emails from people you enjoy talking to. :) Can turn your whole day and mood around.
-Buying dorm stuff. Weird. But awesome.

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Made me laugh! :-)