December 13, 2012

Trend Thursday-Knuckle Rings

"Imma give you a knuckle sandw--oooooo nice rings." Been seeing more and more of these awesome rings finding their place on womens hands', and I must say, I like 'em. KNUCKLE RINGS!
I just am really into the "show off all your rings at once" statement, you know, where people pile on every ring they own onto their fingers, add a vintage tee, some 2 day old messy hair do and they look rockstar street chic. I like it. But these knuckle rings are just sooo cool. Like you could add your 5 everyday cocktail rings with your knuckle rings and have your fingers lookin' like the Chrysler Building. Either that or like C3PO. Either way, rockin.

You can buy this cool chevron style knuckle rings from etsy just click here.
All images from Pinterest

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