December 11, 2012

Day 9-Chipping Campden to Cambridge

Okay so I have a summary post of what happened on day 9 of the trip (found here) but I wanted to tell a little bit more.

We got up early because our train was leaving from Morton in Marsh around 10am. We packed our stuff & headed down for our last breakfast. WHICH WAS DELISH. We said our goodbyes and thanked our lovely host Sally for the stay. Then we walked down to the bus stop to wait for the bus to the station. We walked to the tourist info center to make sure we were 1.) catching the right bus. And 2.) had enough money for the bus. We did. We caught the bus, and headed on our way to Moreton. When we arrived there, the train wasn't going to be arriving for anothe 45 min. So we waited inside the indoor waiting area (since it was freezing outside and had wind chill.). We plunked ourselves down and waited for time to pass. When the train finally arrived, we hopped on it, grabbed a seat and ate the rest of our caramel digestives and tangfastics. It was a long train ride. Since we were riding the train back to London, and then from London going onwards to Cambridge. Not much happened on the train. And all I remember is being extremely tired from the travel and gazing out the window. Oh and also listening to some working folk talk about what they were doing on their "Christmas Holiday.". Some were having a roast, another woman was going to Africa. Normal. hahaha.
We passed through many farmlands on the train and the train continued to empty as we got closer and closer to Cambridge. And then, WE MADE IT.
My sister and I were anxious (in a good way) to get off the train because that meant we were going to meet David!!! We met David thru twitter and such and had remained in contact with him, so much so he was letting us stay with him for a few nights in Cambridge. WOOHOO!
Once we got off the train, we manuvered our way out of the station, (Which by the way, we caught a later train, and were 45 min later than David had expected to pick us up. He said he had a nice nap in his car though.) Then we contacted David and he told us where he was....we did not see him. So we just looked like tourists who didn't know where to go. We began walking towards a parking lot when we heard some one shout or whistle I can't remember. We turned our heads and it was DAVID!! Yay!! We were super excited. We followed him to his car, except before that, Annie ran into a sign, and then proceeded to run over my toes with her luggage. Awesome. We got to his car, threw our stuff in the "boot", climbed in, and off we went. It was an awkward first 5 min, but after that it was like we had known him for a long time. We talked--correction, Annie and David talked in accents, David impersonating an American, and Annie impersonating a Brit. I was just sitting there laughing. And then I realized...David is the male version of Annie. Like EXACT. That's when I knew this stay was going to be amazing.
We made it to David's flat, where he lives with his dad. Said hello, and then his dad made us dinner. It was an entertaining evening filled with lots of laughing and being complete 5 year olds. Which was much needed. We watched some movies, and while David was making us tea, my sister and I were cuddled up to each other on the couch because we were exhausted from travelling, David's dad looks at us and goes "So do either of you two have boyfriends?" our reply "Hahaha no." David's dad goes "Oh, so you're together." Us: "Yeah, yeah." I mean we are sisters, of course we are together. Then David, who is in the kitchen goes "Dad! They are SISTERS! They have the same last name." We begin laughing and quickly correct him with a "Oh! No! We aren't together like that. Hahahahaha!"  David's dad says, "You can't be sisters, you don't look alike and you have different accents." Hahahah, what accents was my question. Hilarious. Pure hilarity. Then David brought us our tea and we watched the rest of the movies.
David let us have his bed to sleep in, which was way nice of him, we set our alarms for the next day. And since David had taken time off work to go do tourist stuff with us, we all decided upon a time (kinda not really) to leave the next day. We were going to Cambridge. Yes indeed.
I believe we went to bed around 1 am (relatively early for our bed times whilst abraod) and crashed from our travels. The next morning, when we woke up, David had made us breakfast. He even told us one of the eggs may or may have an eggshell in them. Yummm.
No one found a shell. And we headed out to Cambridge.

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