February 27, 2013

Current Status: Eating Cold Pizza

Welp it happened, I am currently eating my leftover cold pizza from last night's dinner. WELCOME TO COLLEGE LIFE.
Today I was planning on being in Disneyland, but life happens and Disneyland has been postponed for a few weeks out from now. *Puts mouse ears back in special box* But on a lighter note I just purchased tickets for Ben Howard and I am so very very excited. He is one of my favorites, and now I have another concert to look forward to so hip-hip-horrah!
Midterms are next week, so that means my professors have been cancelling class right and left as to allow us more time to study...or blog...hi.
I forgot to share some very awesome achievement news. I went for a run Sunday and I ran 4 miles! Without stopping!!! Go Katie. Feeling quite fantastic, and have not gone running since then because I don't want to over do my self. AKA I have no motivation. Cookies are good.

Because I will be busy studying for the rest of my week and into the weekend, I thought the rest of this week I would dedicate to musicians. I will be posting youtube clips of music that I have been listening on peat and repeat for the last few weeks. Today I leave you with two of them. Enjoy :)

You can check out or purchase their EP's below:

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