March 18, 2013


I have some eggs in my 'fridge that have been untouched for the last 2 months, my mom says they should be okay to still use, but she said I may want to check to make sure.........
Here's what I think I can do with a dozen untouched eggs....

1. Boil them
2. Hold an egg catching contest
3. Throw them at cars
4. Make a cake....or 12...
5. Dye them
6. Hide them in my roommates room.....
7. Hold an Easter Egg Hunt at my University
8. Play basketball with them
9. Balance them
10. Juggle them
11. Make home remedy face masks
12. Bake 12 batches of cookies......w/out chocolate chips because I'm in college remember, I'm poor.
13. Throw them out.
14. Give them to strangers as a gift.
15. Make breakfast.
16. Make egg nog?
17. Draw faces on them and pretend they are my children.....
18. Throw them at houses.
19. Let them rot.
20. Be kind and put them in the gardens at my school to decompose.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

That's hysterical . I'm sure your mom never intended for you to keep the eggs that long!