March 20, 2013

Day 14-London

OXFORDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD. EEEEE! My sister and I caught the earliest train we could manage (with still allowing time for sleeping in) and embarked on our little train trip over to Oxford. When we arrived, my sister wanted to take me to a specific pub where she had gone, 3 years back. The thing that was so special about this certain pub was that it was where C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien would go to write. We found a table in the back room, with the decor and ambiance the way it was, I could definitely see how it would spark inspiration for one to write. Our table just happened to be placed next to a door marked NARNIA.

We each ordered pot of tea. I also ordered a warm chocolate brownie while my sister ordered an apple cake dessert. Delicious, and absolutely perfect for the cold weather outside.
 After tea and cake, we headed down the street to and found ourselves a HMV(a store that sells music) and got overly excited about buying albums for artists who do not sell their music in the states. Bought myself some Rizzle Kicks & Example. Bliss. Pure Bliss.
I was so anxiously excited for what we were about to go do (and the main purpose for going to Oxford), we walked a ways down the road some more and there it was, Christ's Church. Also known as Hogwarts. Well not the actual Hogwarts BUT the inspiration for the Great Hall, and some of the building were used in the Harry Potter films. I was on cloud 9.
 Me reenacting the scene when Neville shouts "Trevor!!"....and yes, I said "Trevor!"
The Great Hall
It was so awesome to see all of these places where they filmed the movie, as many of you know I am a BIG Harry Potter fan. It was amazing to walk around this stunning building too. We headed over to the School of Divinity, to see where they filmed other scenes from Harry Potter like the hospital & the room where Professor McGonagall taught the students to dance in Goblet of Fire.
And yes me and my sister pretended we were wizards (erm, witches) you can tell who the theater child is in this family.

After the little tour through the building, we wandered around the rest of the town,
 which is really pretty.
One of the seven bridges of Sigh
It was a rainy day for us, but it was british rain so no complaints were heard by us. We said goodbye to Oxford and hopped on the train.....
A quick story about the train-it was a Sunday...4:30pm on a Sunday....that only meant one thing, I was a sardine in a can for an hour and half. I stood between a smelly jacket man and a man who's breath was absolutely atrocious. The train had only 4 cars on it, which made matters worse and since everyone wanted to get home that meant each time we arrived at a station and people got off, more people crowded on, I was surprised I didn't get train sick.....I was very close to it though.
My sister and I made it back to our hotel and after about an hour of me eating food and decompressing from my people meter being on overload, we went to the World's End for a night of good music and cider. Delicious.

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Anonymous said...

Lovely, simply lovely, except for smelly coat and atrocious breath men. Love your tea time photos and am transported by your Harry Potter inspired photos.