March 1, 2013

Friday Confessions

And I'm living at a university now which means a lot of things happen to me that are 
so comfortable and never embarrassing.
  1. Wearing a button down shirt, waltzing around your dorm room, putting away your groceries only to look down and see your button down has unbuttoned itself. Hey roomies..
  2. Having sorted your laundry into piles for the first wash of your life at college, feeling pretty dang proud. Then your roommates GUY friend comes over with his dog, the dog walks into your room and takes some of your laundry and starts playing with it. 
  3. Being that I go to school in So. Cal my campus is skateboard/longboard/pennyboard crazy. Therefore I have almost gotten run over by 28912 boys.
  4. First day of class, a super attractive guy walks in and turns out he lives near your dorm as naturally you start planning all these things you'll say when you walk to and from class together and what great friends you'll become... Next day in class. He dropped the class. There goes that plan.
  5. Eating nutella from the jar, with a knife because you don't want to get another piece of silverware dirty and you just finished your bag of cookies. 
  6. Going to orientation and playing one of those introduce myself games. This one is with m&m's. These m&m's are to stay in your hand till it's your turn to introduce yourself. You are the last one in line to introduce yourself. RAINBOW HANDS.
  7. Having unsocial roommates that are best friends. Hello????
  8. Elephants live above me. And they are girls. I thought they were boys.
  9. I got called in class. Therefore my face was the color of a tomato and my voice as quiet as a mouse. 
  10. THE HALLWAY DANCE. But it was more of a hallway stand off. You go, oh I'll go, oh sorry you go.....SOMEONE GO.
  11. Cookies becoming my best friend. That was unexpected.
  12. That moment when you are at the grocery store and you realize you need a basket. But your hands are full.
  13. Needing to use the restroom in your dorm, not noticing the door is shut, you go to grab the handle and then realize what you are having to do to use the bathroom, so you quickly back away and apologize. Run to your room. Call your best friend (not a cookie) then realize your roommates aren't home. BATHROOM IS FREE and you just acted like a weirdo for no reason.
  14. Texting the wrong person.
  15. Trying to quietly open a bag of twizzlers in the RED study section of the library. Red zone means NO NOISE MAKING.
  16. Going to lunch by yourself and almost falling down 10 stairs into the cafeteria.
  1. Living in Southern California after 21 years of wanting to!
  2. Having your sister come and visit you two weekends in a row.
  3. Sharing your twin bed with your sister because you two cannot stand to be separated.
  4. Going to L.A. or Hollywood every weekend since moving here.
  5. Meeting a lot of singers that have come to L.A. to do small gigs, wowee. It's been surreal.
  6. Going to the beach
  7. Making an accidental fort with your sheets because your intention was to dry them but the dryers are currently occupied so you had to resort to air drying. You then sat under this fort for 5 minutes smiling like a loon.
  8. Attractive boys who play basketball for fun that pass by your room every single day. And you just happen to live on floor 1. HEEEELLLLOOOOO.
  9. My super supportive and understanding parents. They are too amazing. 
  10. My super supportive and understanding parents who would drive me 1200 miles to drop me off at school and then turn around and drive home 2 days after.
  11. Being where I am at in my life. It's unreal
  12. Running 4 miles outside! WOWWOWOW
  13. Going to church by myself
  14. TURNING 22!!!!!!
  15. Having quite possibly the greatest friends ever.
  16. Tom Hardy.

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Anonymous said...

Of course cookies are your best friend...homemade cookies, right?