March 25, 2013

Spring Break


It has never felt so good to be back in a place that I know like the back of my hand.
Be around people who love me.
Eat home-cooked food.
Sleep in my own bed.
Cuddle with my cats.

It is probably the best thing ever. Better than sliced bread.

Friday afternoon, after my classes were finished, I piled my suitcase and a box full of shoes and books into my friend's mini cooper and headed to the airport. One important thing to note, my mom texted me on Friday with photos from home that looked like this,
with the lovely caption "It's not raining."
To my dismay, it had snowed at home which meant I was leaving sunny 80 degree California for cold/snowy 30 something-degree Seattle. I decided that I would wear my winter gear to the airport, uggs, jeans, sweater, scarf, jacket.........sweat. I sweat the whole ride to the airport. And in the airport. Horrible.
The plane ride took FOREVER. I literally couldn't stop smiling 15 min from landing, so I probably looked like an insane human being, but that's normal.

Once we finally landed I grabbed my stuff and stood impatiently waiting for the people infront of me to move at a glacial pace to grab their bags and get off the plane. I had to head to baggage claim to grab my giant box of shoes and books. That waiting process also felt like 37years. My mom surprised me at baggage claim and I started crying because I was scared. Just kidding I was really really happy to see my mom and I love her, and it was wonderful.
My dad came and picked us up outside and then we went and picked up my sister from work (p.s. it was 11 pm at this point, so my whole family was tired/excited. And I just couldn't stop smiling and talking the whole ride home). My family makes me so happy. :)
When we made it home it was nearly midnight, my other sister greeted me by the stairs with a giant hug and then I chased my cats around and gave them giant hugs. They hated it. I loved it.

Saturday was errand day. Costco & Trader Joe's with my parents, which meant anything I suggested or jokingly said we should buy, my parents bought. It was awesome. That evening I drove down to Seattle to go pick my sister up from work and then we headed out to Capitol Hill to go to an authentic Irish Pub because they had Magner's on tap. Oh. So. Delicious.
Sunday was church and then my mom's side of the family came over for a welcome home dinner that my mom made for me. My mom is a phenomenal cook. We had pasta and bread and salad and carbs and wine and carbs and more wine. YUM. Once the extended family, my family and I squished eachother on the couch to watch That Thing You Do and have quality family time. :)
My sister and I had plans to go to a gig that night at the Crocodile so we headed out at 7pm, didn't get home til midnight. But the performer we saw was amazing, Lianne La Havas (check her out here).

Basically this weekend has been so surreal and I am so happy to be home. I didn't realize how much I missed my lovely city of Seattle and how good coming home feels.

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Anonymous said...

It was very very lovely having you home with us! We miss you tons when you're gone.